There's a sense of relief that comes with your final day of cancer treatment. It's the first day of survivorship.

Gone are the endless doctor's appointments, being sick and having no energy. Well, at least they won't be as frequent now.

Life after cancer treatment is supposed to be the time of your life right? If so, then why do some cancer survivors feel so anxious about the future?

In reality, you may feel self-conscious about how treatment changed your body, nervous about follow up appointments and unsure how to restart your life since it's been on hold. Most importantly, you may live with constant anxiety about whether the cancer will come back.

As a cancer survivor, you need encouragement while you transition back into your old life. Here are 6 inspirational quotes for cancer survivors that can help you along the way.

You've Been Changed

You are now a cancer survivor and you should be proud about that. You faced a horrific illness and while you had some difficult days, you are now able to get back to life.

After cancer, you may have a new sense of self, new ideas that you want to pursue and a better idea as to what types of things you want for your life.

Maybe you took life and those around you for granted, but now you know better.

Now, it's time to take the leap you'd been putting off: starting that dream business, going back to school or writing that novel you started years ago.

When embarking on new goals following cancer treatment, the American Society of Clinical Oncology has several suggestions.

  • Start off small and then expand on your goals. This allows you to pace yourself and set priorities easily.
  • Mistakes and setbacks will come whenever you're pursuing a goal. Except them and learn from them.
  • Meet with a counselor or mentor—someone who has been where you want to go—to help set, organize and manage your goals.
  • Have a positive attitude and share your aspirations with supportive friends and family. Again, only the supportive ones. Not those who will discourage you.
  • Reward yourself as you become more and more successful. Always remember to enjoy the process.

You've Learned So Much

Life is about learning. With every experience, you learn something new about yourself that you'll use in the future.

You've definitely learned some medical jargon and how to navigate the hospital. You've also learned how to navigate symptoms.

You know that ginger ale does help with nausea and that sour candy and lemonade cut the metallic taste you get from chemo.

You can pass these tips on to other cancer patients.

With cancer, other life lessons came at an accelerated rate.

Even though treatment felt like a lifetime while you were going through it, you've learned more about yourself, your gifts and life in a shorter time than you did in the years before having cancer.

No longer will you fall apart at small, unimportant issues.

Reflecting On Your Experience

In reflecting on your cancer journey, you realize that you can make it through just about anything. You may have a scar or two to show for it, but in the end you're stronger.

Cancer survivors can do a number of things now that they are better to help in reflect on their cancer journey, according to the Cancer Support Community.

  • Volunteer at cancer organizations to help other people fighting cancer. You may be able to help others find meaning in their cancer experience.
  • Start a journal or blog. Think and write about how you've grown since having cancer. Your words may inspire someone else to look at their cancer journey more positively.
  • Just because you're a survivor doesn't mean you don't still need counseling and support. This can help on days when you're feeling anxiety.
  • Pray and meditate to help find clarity about what your cancer experience meant to you.

Are you a cancer survivor? Share your stories and encouraging words for other survivors here.

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