Rod Chooses EIRMC

Rod endured nine surgeries in nine months, following diagnosis of a debilitating disease. Now, Rod is a triathlete because he was taken to EIRMC.

Merci Chooses EIRMC

Merci's childhood days are sometimes interrupted by asthma. When it can't be controlled, her mom takes her to EIRMC.

Rachel Chooses EIRMC

After a surprise breast cancer diagnosis, Rachel needed a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. Today, she's back to the business of living, because she was taken to EIRMC.

Marc Chooses EIRMC

Marc suffered a severe heart attack and was airlifted to EIRMC for an emergency cardiac procedure, followed by major heart surgery days later. Today, Marc is back to cycling, camping - and living, because he was taken to EIRMC.

Treasure Chooses EIRMC

Treasure had a heart attack, but thanks to her care at EIRMC, she's back to running her downtown business.

Evelyn Chooses EIRMC

Evelyn has spent decades battling heart disease and she's grateful for her care at EIRMC.

Peter Chooses to Work at EIRMC

Peter is a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist. Hear his mission moment about a young boy who overcame feeding difficulties.

Adam Chooses to Work at EIRMC

Adam is a Physical Therapist. Hear his mission moment about helping a fellow physical therapist achieve greater functioning after an accident.

Cathy Chooses to Work at EIRMC

Cathy is the Assistant Director of the Progressive Care Unit at EIRMC. Hear her mission moment after taking care of a patient from Switzerland.

Rhett Chooses to Work at EIRMC

Rhett is a nurse in the ER. Hear his mission moment about caring for a young man involved in a serious trauma.

Kirstin Chooses to Work at EIRMC

Kirstin's first baby was born at 26 weeks, and spent six months in a NICU. That experience inspired her to return to school to become a NICU nurse.