Recreation Therapy Internship

We provide two types of learning opportunities for Recreation Therapy students - observation (up to 10 hours) and field placement (at least 560 hours).

Students completing an internship at the BHC will gain experience in acute and residential psychiatric settings.

  • Two acute adult units (ages 18 and older)
  • Acute adolescent unit (ages from 12-17 years)
  • Residential adolescent unit (ages from 12-17 years)

Students can observe recreation therapy services weekday mornings. For observation hours, please email Kristen Sargis.

Field placement (Internship) Description:

Student will be able to apply skills learned in their university coursework as well as gain exposure to and demonstrate competence in all of the job tasks of a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist as outlined in the NCTRC Job Analysis. Interns will gain knowledge through experience with the Therapeutic Recreation Process. Under supervision of our CTRSs, students will become a practicing member of our interdisciplinary treatment team.

Application Due Dates

  • To start in January, application is due October 1st
  • To start in May, application is due February 1st
  • To start in September, application is due June 1st

For more information about our program, visit and

To apply, please download this application and email Kristen Sargis. For questions, email Kristen or call (208) 227-2300.