Most of us feel like we have a handle on nutrition. Media force-feeds us fact after statistic after fact about what we should and should not be putting in our bodies. And it is pretty simple, right?

Whole grains. Yes.

Trans Fats. No.

Sushi. Yes. But not too much on account of the mercury.

Pasta. No. Well, yes. In moderation. But only with red sauce. Creamy sauce, if it's a celebration.

The only fact we can really rely on is that most of us could use a little help with our overall nutrition. And that is exactly why it is a good idea to bring in the professionals. A registered dietician is a great resource for all things healthy eating and living. Here are just a few reasons why having a registered dietician in your corner is a good idea.

A registered dietician is the nutrition expert and can provide current and accurate nutrition information.

Health information is a moving target. Every day long held beliefs are replaced by the newest scientific finds. It is a dietician's job to be as current on these topics as they can. Keeping with their advice can help you tune out all of the other white noise and help you stay on the straight and narrow.

A registered dietician can help create personal weight loss and nutrition goals, based on individual calorie needs.

A shotgun approach to weight loss or good nutrition is unrealistic. A registered dietician has all sorts of tools in their bag. From a detailed metabolic analysis of your body to awesome low calorie recipes of your favorite treats, they will create a specialized plan that works for you. We all have different likes, dislikes, and loves a dietician will help you navigate all of these differences in taste, and caloric or nutritional need to create the best plan for you.

A registered dietician can act as an accountability partner to help people stay on track with their goals.

You are right, nobody is going to see you stealing two of your children's chicken nuggets. Your friends won't think twice about you eating that third piece of pizza. But if you have a dietician who will ask you about your eating habits on a regular basis, you are more likely to pay closer attention to those eating behaviors. This helps you realize patterns that are good and bad. A dietician can also help you with trying to change the habits that need a little work.

So in the end you can do what most everyone does and go at it alone in nutrition. But why would you? Using a registered dietician can help you take the guesswork out of great nutrition and weight loss.