Has there ever been a time when there wasn't the “latest, greatest diet craze”? It seems like there are always so many diet options ranging from those that come from the medical community to whatever helps a celebrity lose 10 pounds in a week. Given the challenges that come with trying to lose weight, it's difficult to gauge which one might be most helpful. That's a problem for people hoping to stick with their new year's resolution to shed pounds or eat healthier.

To help people separate healthy diets that really work from the inevitable “fads,” a panel of diet and nutrition experts evaluated popular diets and ranked 32 of them. U.S. News published the results in its “Best Diets 2014.” This article cuts through the clutter of claims to deliver the facts and hone in on the most effective approaches to weight loss, diabetes management, improving heart health and more.

To help guide you, check out these top diet categories:

There is not, however, a one diet fits all. If you have additional questions about these diets or want to find a meal plan that fits your goals and health needs, The Wellness Center at EIRMC has registered dieticians available to provide a local perspective on the best diet for you in 2014. Call 520-4200 to schedule an appointment today!