Another year has come and gone. And someone how you aren't richer, nicer or better looking.

Funny how that never seems to magically come about?

Well, this year is going to be different. You know why? Because this year your plan has a plan.

Set your goals. That's right, goals, plural.

For example I might have a goal: I want to be rich. Well, between where I am now and becoming rich there are a few more steps to take. Like get an education. Get a great job. Start your own company. There is never a one and done goal. A Baby steps, my friends, baby steps.

Be specific.

I want to be rich. Well, what do I consider rich? 1 million, 10 million, 50 million? Have an exact goal. I want to have $1.5 million in my bank account by retirement. I want to lose one pound a week for ten weeks and fit into a size six jean without sucking in, now that is specific.

Make it attainable.

I want $1.5 million in my bank account by retirement. Great! How old are you? How much money do you have saved already? 65 years old and $0 = more attainable goal needed. 25 years old and $25,000 = now you're talking. There is no limit to what you can accomplish, but make sure you do not place yourself in front of a frustrating and unrealistic expectation.

Make it concrete.

Write your goal (and your baby steps) down! Put in on your fridge, your mirror, your Facebook. Take action to make yourself feel accountable for finishing what you have started. I personally like to make bets within my family. Whether you are vying for money or bragging rights, it is hard to give up when you have something riding on your success.

Reward your progress.

Each baby step can come with its own little bonus. Lose five pounds = pedicure. Save $500 = go to the movies. Incentivize yourself, but make sure your rewards do not offset your progress. It is not worth saving $500 and then buying a couch with all of your savings. Same goes for weight loss. Losing five pounds should not equal eating a whole pizza. Kapeesh?

Celebrate and set a new goal.

Were you successful? Great! Now find something else you want to do. The more you practice at setting and reaching goals the better you will get. Habits die hard. Always be working toward being a better you, and who knows what you can accomplish!