Food is important. The food choices you make each day will not only affect your health today, but in the future as well. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in obesity, poor eating habits, and chronic diseases. However, most people are still unconcerned or unaware of how food affects their health”paying little attention to what they eat.

Even though most people know obesity and chronic diseases have increased, rates continue to rise and show no signs of stopping. Children are falling prey to chronic diseases that used to only be found in adults. The top two killers in the United States are heart disease and cancer”both of which are greatly influenced by the foods we eat. For those individuals with a family history of heart disease or cancer, nutrition is 10 to 20 times more important in determining if they develop these and many other chronic diseases.

No matter where we fall on the spectrum of healthy eating, all of us have room for improvement. Developing healthy eating habits is not only something that changes our lives individually, but the lives of our families and our children. Making changes to our eating habits is never easy. But it's worth investing your time and energy to live a healthier lifestyle. There's nothing more important than good health.

This is where The EIRMC Wellness Center comes in. Meeting with a registered dietitian is a step in the right direction if you are feeling lost or overwhelmed. At The EIRMC Wellness Center, you will work with our wellness professionals to develop a personalized plan that will help you reach your goals and attain that healthy lifestyle you deserve. Call 535-4200 to schedule an appointment with a registered dietitian today!

- Contributed by Megan Donnelly, Registered Dietitian, EIRMC Wellness Clinic

For more information on healthy eating, or to learn the basic principles for maintaining healthy lifestyle, attend EIRMC's third installment of the Healthy Living Series, “Healthy Meals and Snacks,” presented by Megan Donnelly, Registered Dietitian at the EIRMC Wellness Center. RSVP for this free class (held on March. 12) by calling 227-2778.