Did you know our first heart cells begin to beat as early as 4 weeks gestation?

Or, that our human heart beats over 100,000 times a day?

Did you also know that heart disease is the leading health threat”beating out breast cancer for women and prostate cancer for men?

In short, our hearts are important, delicate organs that deserve the best. Here at EIRMC we know we have your heart covered, should chest pain or cardiac complications bring you here.

EIRMC's Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, or Cath Lab as it's more commonly referred to, has the full capacity and support to treat patients 24/7. In 2013, Eastern Idaho's leading Cardiology Department, located on our hospital's second floor, did roughly 1,600 cases, ball-parking at 800 in each of the two labs.

EIRMC's New Cath Lab

Knowing that you and your heart deserve the best, we are proud to announce the remodel of one of the two labs; the first in a slew of planned improvements for the Cardiology Department.

Along with cosmetic upgrades (floors, cabinets, etc.), the remodel replaced previous equipment with the GE 730 IS”a new, state-of-the-art system, now regionally found only at EIRMC. This new system allows for decreased radiation exposure, better visuals, and also complies with all patient safety standards.

With the new system, the cumulative radiation exposure is much less. How much less? Radiation exposure is now 70-80% less than the industry standard. Because the dosage of radiation is 3,000 rays slower with the new equipment, staff and physicians are able to stay in the lab longer without reaching unsafe radiation levels.

The x-rays produced by the new system are of better resolution and clarity, allowing physicians and techs a cleaner visual. The system permits staff to view both new slides, as well as existing, or older slides, simultaneously. It also doesn't hurt that these slide are viewed on a 55” screen.

The clarity also allows for excellent mapping, meaning techs can get a clearer image allowing them to better track a patient's dosage to certain parts of the body.

Leading Cardiology Services

We know it's important that you feel comfortable and confident when going into a procedure. In addition to our technology and equipment, EIRMC continues to lead the pack as a top provider of techniques and services.

At EIRMC, patients have the option for a transradial catheter”a catheter with entry at the patient's wrist, as an alternative to the groin. This can reduce complications, decrease bleeding, and promote faster recovery.

“Fewer than 15% of programs across the nation offer transradial access; in fact, we bring in physicians from around the country to teach them this method,” Cardiologist John Lassetter, M.D., explains.

EIRMC is also a regional leader for treating many cardiology conditions, including:

Learn more about EIRMC's Heart Center here, or take the Heart Health survey to discover important information about your cardiovascular health.