Little ghosts, princesses and super-heroes will be out in our streets soon, and at EIRMC we want to give you great tips to keep your little ones safe.


By this time many of you probably have your children's costumes, and they're begging to wear them everywhere they can. Make sure the costume fits well, does not drag on the ground and isn't too large or billowy. And although masks can make the costume, be sure it isn't too small, can't be bumped out of place and that there are large holes for the nose and mouth. By expanding the eye holes, you can help your little one improve their peripheral vision, which is critically important when crossing streets. If the mask doesn't fit just right, think about using makeup to create the face.

Consider adding reflective tape to costumes and Trick-or-Treat bags for greater visibility. If their costume is dark in color, come up with creative ways to add a bright color here and there to make it more visible at night.


Remember, when you aren't accompanying your children, safety is in numbers. Be sure to plan and review a route that is acceptable to you and the other parents and set a tight curfew. Teach your older kids to only go to homes with porch lights and to never enter a home or a car. Have your kids use glow sticks or flashlights to help them see and be seen by drivers.

Staying Healthy

As a kid, life might not get better than dressing up and getting a bag of candy for free. To help your kids not eat as much candy throughout the night, be sure they get a good meal before heading out.

Nutritionists do advocate that sugar in moderation is perfectly acceptable, especially as the occasional treat. But, too much sugar as a habit can have health consequences, including diabetes, weight gain, and dental problems not to mention that nasty sugar rush! Be sure to monitor your children's candy consumption and be sure to give them plenty of other healthy alternatives.

This Halloween keep your little ghost, princess or super-hero safe by following these simple tips. Happy scaring!