We can all agree that the acronyms in healthcare are a little daunting. MDs and DOs, not to mention RNs and LPNs. It seems like you have to be a CEO or VIP to know the difference between an ICU and CCU.

FYI, we can help. Let's start with a frequently asked question: What's the difference between a PICU and a NICU? Both can prove vital for your child's health, but here is how they differ:

What is a PICU?

A PICU is a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. Often when the need for top quality pediatric care escalates to the highest level, children are taken to a PICU.

What is a NICU?

A NICU is a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: An even more specialized facility that cares for brand-new patients such as premature infants and sick "term" newborns. When children are first entering the world and need a little extra care, they typically go to the NICU.

So what's the difference between a PICU and NICU again?

One of the biggest distinctions between a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is that a PICU cares for infants and children up to age 17 (pediatric = children). A NICU (neonatal = newborn infants) specializes solely in the treatment of newborns who need a little more TLC. (Hence the first words of each hospital unit!)

So now that you know the difference between these two, know this: If your little one happens to need medical attention, we are fully equipped to meet your needs at EIRMC (yes, another acronym).