We all know that we need to put our health at the top of our to-do list.

Eat right. Exercise often. And you're done.

Not quite yet. There is another component to your health that needs just as much attention.

Your mental health.

Long days at work, family problems and other everyday problems can sometimes tear away at our overall well-being and put a strain on our mental state.

The good news is that just like your physical health, there are steps you can take to protect your mental health. Here are a few ways to you to keep your psyche in shape.

Eat right.

Just how the right food can do a world of good for your body, eating right can help your mind. By eating healthy you are giving your brain the vitamins and minerals it needs to function on the highest level. They also help keep your energy levels high so you can fight off stress and other triggers of a poor mental state.

Stay active.

Ever been angry and felt like taking a long walk? Exercise goes a long way in helping quell many emotions. An active state gets endorphins flowing through your body and helps relieve stress. Exercising can also take your mind off pressing issues or help you work through them.

Limit Stress.

Being aware of the stressors in your life is important. By putting yourself in a constant state of stress, we activate that flight or fight reaction in the brain. A constant heightened level of stress hormones is what causes a chronic stress condition and all of the accompanying risk factors. If you feel like you can't get rid of some of the stress on your own, seek help. Everyone struggles with their circumstances at some point or another, and that is where a professional will be helpful.

Make time for yourself.

Time alone is a very precious commodity in the way that it is hard to come by, and that it is also essential to your mental health. If you can't escape in body, you can escape through your mind. Mind quieting techniques have been shown to have a profound effect on levels of stress and overall happiness. Learning about meditation and mindfulness techniques can have a marked effect on the quality of your daily living and lifestyle.

Work on your relationships.

Taking the time to nurture the valuable relationships in your life is one of the most important things you can do to help your mind. To find joy and trust in another person is the perfect way to feel fulfilled and happy. In great relationships you can find not only a confidant to share your worries, you will also find happiness and laughter two of the best medicines around.

Although sometimes we don't put ourselves or our minds on the top of our to-do list, we should. Take a few extra steps to ensure that you stay as happy and healthy as possible.