Spring is in the air and that can only mean one thing, National Donate Life Month. April is National Donate Life Month, a month where organizations like Intermountain Donor Services and Idaho’s Donate Life Coalition raise awareness about the need for organ, eye, blood and tissue donation. This year, as in many past years, citizens of Idaho should be proud that we are one of the nations leaders in the percentage of people saying yes to donation. Currently, 63% of Idahoan’s have signed up on the Yes Idaho Donor Registry to express their donation wishes, one of the highest in the nation.

There are myths and misconceptions that many people have that may keep them from considering organ, eye and tissue donation. Let’s explore and address the top five.

Myth Number One: If I have yes on my driver license, will the emergency room do everything they can to save my life, or will they let me go because I’m a donor?

Fact: Having a “yes” on your driver license will NOT impact your medical care. Hospital personnel have no idea who is on the transplant waiting list, so they have no idea who would be a match for whom. Medical staffs worry about one thing and one thing only—how to save lives.

Myth Number Two: I’m too old to be a donor.

Fact: Organs and tissues can be recovered up to the age of 80 and there is no age limit for corneas.

Myth Number Three: If I can’t donate blood, I can’t be an organ donor.

Fact: Unless you have been bitten by a vampire with rabies, more often than not you can still be an organ donor, even if you can’t donate blood.

Myth Number Four: My family/estate will have to pay the cost of recovering organs and tissues.

Fact: Recovery costs are paid by the organ recovery organization, NOT the donor’s family or estate.

Myth Number Five: I can’t have an open casket funeral if I am a donor.

Fact: Donation does not limit your option of an open casket funeral.

Please consider becoming an organ, eye and tissue donor. For more information, or to register your donation wishes, please to www.yesidaho.org. Also, tell your family of your decision.