Like a colorful rainbow, medical care should include a full spectrum of services for every patient regardless of their age from a simple doctor's visit to critical care - is important for providing a community with great local care. Residents of southeastern Idaho now have access to a brighter, more colorful spectrum of care with the addition of our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

A PICU is enhances the spectrum of critical care services for young patients for five (if not more!) very important reasons:

  1. PICU fills the gap- Adults are cared for in the ICU (intensive care unit), while newborns as young as 22 weeks gestation are cared for in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). So what about everybody in between? That's where the PICU comes in. Any infant or child up until age 18 with serious injury or illness can receive specialized care specific to the unique needs of growing children.
  2. Constant monitoring- A PICU is specifically equipped for constant monitoring and intensive nursing care. Children in the pediatric intensive care unit often need continuous support and monitoring of their heart rates, breathing, and blood pressure. The equipment and personnel are all in place to do this round the clock.
  3. Specialized treatments and medications- Medications can affect any person in many ways that is especially true when dealing with children. Certain treatments, such as ventilators or particular medications require close medical supervision to watch for dangerous side effects.
  4. Full access- In a pediatric intensive care unit, like the one here at EIRMC, you have access to pediatric intensivists doctors trained specifically for pediatric critical care situations. In addition to the intensivists, there are respiratory therapists, physical and occupational therapists, social workers and nutritionists all specially trained to deal with pediatric patients. Child Life Specialists are also on hand to help families and children cope with their current situation.
  5. Higher level of medical care- Often children need a higher level of medical care than what is provided on pediatric floors. After surgery, children may need intensive care and can be sent to the PICU to recover. Other conditions treated in a PICU are: breathing problems from asthma, serious heart conditions, complications from diabetes, or the recovery needed from a serious accident.

A fuller, more vibrant spectrum of care is now provided by the spectrum of services here at EIRMC. Between NICU, PICU, Pediatrics, ICU and all the other great services offered here at Eastern Idaho Regional you know you are getting a full spectrum of care right in your community.