Rhett Wintch, RN | November 2015

Rhett, Korrie, and Rod

“Rhett makes a difference every single day. His concern for each patient is genuine, and he will go the extra mile to make every patient feel like they are the only one on the unit.

“Rhett never complains and when asked how he is doing, his response of “never better” is real!

“His infectious smile and attitude makes even the sickest patient feel better.

“Rhett is a dedicated, loyal employee who is the most compassionate nurse that gives the same loving care to the ear infection baby or the patient who is critically injured.

“Rhett makes everyone’s day better and make’s everyone’s day NEVER BETTER!”

Nominated by Carmen Radford, Korri Smith, Rodney  Grgich, Matt Reeves, and Natalie Nelson.

Valerie Chessin, RN, BSN, CDE | September 2015

Valerie Chessin, RN, BSN, CDE

"There are so many nurses at EIRMC who make a difference that I hate to highlight one over the other. But there is one nurse, Valerie Chessin, who has gone above and beyond to impact not only individuals but entire community health!

"Val has worked with patients to control their diabetes with not only medication but also through diet and exercise. It is not easy to help make lifestyle changes and can be very discouraging. Yet, she continues to have an impact! Diabetes Education has a 95% patient satisfaction.

"Val went above and beyond this last year when she applied for and received a grant from the CDC to teach cooking classes to the community. “Eat Better, Live Better” has been a HUGE success with overflowing classes and waiting lists. Val came upon many obstacles and naysayers, but she passionately continued to teach people how to cook healthy food in order to manage disease. Much of her time is donated above her 'day job.'

"Prevention and controlling disease isn’t very glamorous or exciting, but it has been shown to reduce diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer by 20-30%. Val has helped many!"

Nominated by colleague Rolonda Bjornson

Jennifer Bush, RN | July 2015

Jennifer Bush and Dr. Aaron Gardner

Dr. Aaron Gardner and Jennifer Bush, RN

"Jennifer knows that excellence is in the details. She works incredibly hard to find and influence the seemingly "little things" that mean so much to patients, families and staff.

"As an example, late one evening while preparing for a direct admission to the PICU, it was noted that it was the pediatric patient's birthday. With lightning speed, Jen quickly retrieved supplies from her secret stash and had the patient's room completely decorated and gifts sitting on the bed before she arrived. This was an age-appropriate, gender-specific, remarkably personal production!!

"When the family, who had been through a tumultuous day, walked in the room with their sick child, they wept- knowing their child would receive the same careful attention clinically as she would emotionally.

"Jennifer blesses her fellow staff members with the same attention, whether it's repairing the broken equipment, decorating the unit, cleaning the fridge, or flavoring the ice. Her days are filled with hundreds of seemingly small acts that make life better for everyone.

"She's absolutely amazing!"

Nominated by EIRMC physician, Dr. Aaron Gardner

Lisa Taylor, RN | May 2015

"Lisa is always going out of her way to be helpful to her co-workers and her patients. She goes the extra mile with all of her patients. One recent example was with a Rehab patient who had been in a car accident that totaled the vehicle. The car was the patient’s home, and she did not have family available to help or means to purchase clothes. On her day off, Lisa brought in two sets of clothes so that this patient could participate in her rehab ADL routine and fit in with the other patients dressed in street clothes. These clothes were given to the patient for when she went home.

"She has been on multiple shopping trips in the past to help patients who either did not have the means or the capability to provide for themselves. Another thing I have seen Lisa do is to help patients who are not close to home and when a spouse had to fly out to be with them. Lisa provided rides for the family member, took them shopping, and took them for meals. She is currently helping a coworker by making meals to help them cope with their situation.

"Any time there is a problem, she is the first one to help. She is a daily example of I am EIRMC values."

Nominated by EIRMC colleague, Matt Green, OTR/L

"Lisa consistently goes above and beyond what is expected of her. Her compassion and caring knows no bounds. When patients have needs outside the hospital, Lisa will find a way to help. She has provided patients with clothing and even transportation of family members when needed. She is the epitome of I am EIRMC."

Nominated by EIRMC colleague, Crystal Arave, Speech Therapy