Ken Gunderson, RN, BSN | November 2017

Ken Gunderson, RN, BSN

Ken went out of his way to check up on me when I was way over due from a procedure. He then went the extra mile to take my pain meds down to me when I was stuck in radiology. He is also very attentive to my needs and handles himself in a very professional yet caring manner. Ken has been very caring and you can tell that he loves what he does. You can tell that he loves his work and that it is more to him than just a job.

Nominated by a 5th floor patient

Bernice Wilkins, RN | September 2017

Bernice Wilkins, RN

When I came in to be induced I was very nervous. Bernice immediately made me feel very comfortable and at ease. When she found out that I could not have an epidural she took the extra time to teach me some great breathing techniques. Even though her shift ended and she was not there when I delivered, her advice and techniques helped me tremendously and then she came and visited us when she was back on shift to see how the delivery went, which meant a lot to us. She made my experience very good.

Nominated by: a former patient

Bernice from Labor and Delivery was beyond what my wife and I could have asked for in regards to helping us through labor. This was our first child, and thus our first delivery, and looking back my wife and I could not imagine the experience without Bernice there. She is the type of nurse that displays an obvious passion and love for her occupation, which is a rarity it today's world. Bernice struck a wonderful level between professionalism and personal, making us feel cared for and reassured. Her balance between these two takes such talent most individuals fail to ever achieve in their working life. This ability is evident of her talent as a Labor and Delivery nurse. My wife and I feel we gained a friend whom we both care for and who cared for us through the delivery. We truly care about her because we know she truly cared for us.

Nominated by: a former patient

We have had six babies at this hospital. Bernice is by far the best and most memorable nurse we have had. She went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable during the difficult labor my wife had (almost 24 hrs.). She goes the extra mile and doesn’t just do the job to “check the box”.

Nominated by: a former patient

Since the beginning, she was very welcoming and caring. Everyone that walked into the room to see us, she introduced herself, asked them questions making them feel comfortable, and welcomed. She made sure everyone there and I never needed anything while she was out of the room. Throughout my labor, she made me feel well taken care of and I felt like I didn’t have to worry about anything. We loved how happy she was as well as very detailed when she explained things. She definitely made us want to come back to this hospital with another birth.

Nominated by: a former patient

Jana Fugleberg, RN | July 2017

Jana Fugleberg, RN

We would like to nominate Jana for the Daisy Award. Because of her care, compassion and effort that she puts into every patient she encounters. Case management is not thought of as a “hands on the patient” caring area of nursing. This is where Jana puts the different spin on case management. She puts a special touch on every case to help the patient and their family have less worry and work. Like dealing with insurance, facilitating rehabs, crisis center, homeless shelters or just an ear to listen. Jana will exhaust every avenue for every patient she encounters to give them a better chance when they step outside the hospital. On top of that, she assists the house supervisors during tragic events. She has found family for patients, which is sometimes a challenge in itself. We work together to help the families deal with the immediate situation and bad outcomes.

There is so much more we can add about her care and effort. Working with Jana not only improves the patient’s experience but it also makes our EIRMC team stronger and better.

Nominated by April Walker, RN, House supervisor, and JJ Keller, RN, House Supervisor

Haylee Harrison, RN | April 2017

Haylee Harrison, RN

I work as a CST in EIRMC’s operating room. On Monday night 3/6/17our CVOR call team was called in to care for a patient in extremely critical condition. Haylee coordinated our supporting staff so calmly and efficiently. She was there to help us at every turn while still meeting the needs of other OR teams who were also working at the time. It was a heart wrenching case and despite everyone’s dedication and determination we lost our patient. This is when Haylee brought me to tears and showed that she deserves the Daisy Award 100 times over. I cannot begin to describe the way Haylee comforted the grieving family. The way Haylee spoke with the family members, and the compassion she showed is not something that can be taught, it’s a gift. Haylee waited with such vigilance and understanding while each of the family members had their chance to say goodbye. She was able to show the grieving family such grace at one to the worst times in their lives. Haylee is an irreplaceable facet to our OR family and deserves this award.

Submitted by: Sophie Weber

Haylee is one of the best nurses I have the privilege of working with. Recently during a trauma, Haylee not only stepped up as the charge nurse and took control of the situation, she simultaneously provided excellent care to the family. She performed all of her roles that night flawlessly, especially in her care of the grieving family. She showed extreme compassion and kindness, going far beyond what was expected of her. Haylee is always cheerful and kind and goes out of her way to help everyone around her. She is an example to me of what an excellent nurse can accomplish. I am proud to work with Haylee and to be able to call her a friend.

Submitted by: Blake Stoddard

I just want to praise the evening crew for their assistance with the ECMO case on 3/6/17. Each person involved displayed exceptional skills and compassion. Many stepped in to positions that aren’t routine in the day to day running of the OR. Haylee is a charge nurse that I am pleased to work with. She provided logistic support for our case as well as keeping the family informed. It was great so see how her roles of responsibility changed especially after the passing of our patient. She made the change from supporting patient and staff to helping the family grieve look effortless. Words cannot express how impressed I am with her work.

Submitted by: Daryl Dalling, BSN, RN

Sean Brower, RN | March 2017

Sean Brower, RN

Sean is probably the best nurse I know. Everyone loves working with him because he is always smiling, always positive, always has something kind or good to say, always helps whenever he can, always makes his patients feel cared about and always supports his fellow nurses. His level of patience, compassion and positivity are exceptional in any circumstance! There are countless examples of how he exemplifies the qualities of an ideal nurse. On one occasion, he stayed late (until midnight) after his 12- hour shift (due to short staffing) only to come back for his scheduled shift the next morning, and smiling through it all.

Sean will never complain and even on the bad days his positivity is un-wavering. Sean will do everything he can to support his fellow nurses. Whether he is answering call lights or teaching/helping another nurse before clocking in for a shift; changing his schedule to help accommodate another nurse. He always cares and most importantly his patients always feel cared about and he makes their hospital stay a more positive one or less miserable. Sean is so great and so humble about it.

Time after time, he makes his patients and helping fellow nurses his priority, somehow finding the time, even if he is beyond busy! Each patient feels cared about and every nurse feels supported by him. Always smiling, always positive, always has something kind to say, always helping, always serving. Sean is how every nurse wants (or should want) to be!! He is so appreciated.

Nominated by a colleague

Roxie Newsom, RN | January 2017

Roxie Newsom, RN

Roxie truly knows what she is supposed to do to be certain that the triple bypass patient must have at any second in order to live. She follows the doctor’s orders and works so quickly that her shoes squeak on the sterile floor. Watching her bring my husband out of the six hour plus surgery was truly amazing.

She used her vast knowledge, experience and skill to be sure he was getting exactly the correct medicines at the precise times.

Every member of our family who watched her perform her magic in my husband’s room at ICU was extremely impressed by her exemplary caring. She was even there for us to hug as he was moved to the 4th floor to continue his recovery. God has blessed your hospital with a fabulous nurse in Roxie. She deserves every award you can present.

Nominated by Labor & Delivery patient