Katie Butcher, RN | December 2019

Shortly after our child was born, he developed some respiratory distress that required quick and careful assessment and intervention. Katie immediately demonstrated impressive expertise with quick critical thinking and effective care and support. She also directed and communicated care clearly and calmly with the support team and physicians and most meaningfully, to my nervous wife and myself. Katie was so kind, careful and definitely knows her stuff. She then stayed until midnight, 5 hours after her shift ended, to finish her responsibilities. She exemplifies the qualities of a skilled, competent and kind caregiver. We are grateful for nurses like herself who truly care.

Nominated by a new father.

Brandee Simpson, RN | September 2019

I would like to nominate Brandee Simpson for the Daisy Award. Brandee is extremely smart and always gives excellent care. She has experienced great loss in her life and empathizes with the patients she cares for. I've seen her share her story of loss with patients which lets them know she "gets it," is there for them, and gives them hope they can survive in the face of terrible tragedy. This has to take a toll on her when she is willing to go all the way there emotionally with patient's and families in the Emergency Department. I've seen Brandee respond to assist another nurse during a code or a trauma and provide this comfort to families of patients she is not even assigned to. It is not something most people are willing or able to do.

The other day we had a patient brought by life flight from Sublette County after becoming severely ill while hiking in the mountains. This gentleman was a teacher from out of state who was traveling alone to do some "extreme" hiking before the school year began. His wallet got left behind in his car on the mountain from where he was rescued, so he had no means of renting a car. No buses or shuttles of any kind travel through this remote area so the closest we could get him was 60 miles away from his vehicle. Then there was a no guarantee he could find transportation the rest of the way.

Brandee called me within 20 minutes offering to drive him the three hours to his car. It was her day off and the trip ended up taking a total of nine hours because of a storm and mudslide on the return trip. She eventually detoured through Jackson, WY arriving home well after dark. Brandee represented EIRMC well that day and eased the way for one of our patient's in an extraordinary way.

Nominated by:  Jana Fugleberg, ED, CM

Jim Summers, RN | January 2019

On the day my husband was to be released, he didn’t do so well and it was decided to transfer him to the 4th floor. Upon arrival, Jim let the staff know the patient was a 1-on-1, but the  4th floor was unaware. Jim immediately said he would stay. The 4th floor staff changed his room to be closer to the nurse’s desk.  Jim stayed and assisted the 4th floor and came back several times to help my husband with a shower and other medical needs. Nurses like Jim gave myself and my husband’s family peace of mind! All of the ICU staff were above excellent!!!

P.S. I’d like to include every single person at EIRMC was above kind, considerate, professional, helpful and amazing!  All of them!

Nominated by:  Patient's family