Jabez Smith, RN | November 2018

Jabez Smith, RN

Jabez assisted us in so many ways. First, his concern that my wife was stat-flighted in from Yellowstone with stroke like symptoms. His kindness and knowledge relieved a lot of anxiety. Then he went above and beyond the call of duty to call friends and call in favors to find hotel rooms for our friends traveling with us. Bottom line he is a kind hearted soul. Thanks and God Bless to a great staff and a great hospital!

Nominated from "a happy couple from Kentucky"

Jabez is one of the best nurses you have here on the 5th floor. He facilitated some testing, and my drugs when I was having trouble with getting them in a timely manner. He has been in my room countless times even though he was not my duty nurse to help my duty nurse. He is a real asset to EIRMC. Thank you.

Nominated by a patient

Jabez was at my side a considerable amount of time during my three days preparing for and taking chemo. He answered all my questions with intelligence and patience. His care demonstrated his tenderness and compassion. He was very efficient in all he did. He very well demonstrated the characteristic of all of your staff that I have met.

Nominated by a patient

Rachel Carlson, RN | September 2018

Rachel Carlson, RN

Rachel was my saving grace. I had a bad 3 days and nights in the hospital and couldn't sleep. She managed to coordinate the blood draws, blood sugar draws and med dispensing so I could get some very-much needed sleep.

She showed a lot of compassion to me as her patient. She certainly earned my respect when she asked for my room the second night, after I was short with her on the first night.

Rachel is a shining example of what nursing should be.

Thank you, Rachel, for pulling me out of my misery and letting me get some sleep.

Nominated by a patient

Denise Mariner, RN | August 2018

Denise Mariner, RN

Denise was amazing during our stay in the PICU. Our daughter was in a terrible car accident and while she was in the PICU Denise helped me to wash our daughter’s hair and to keep her clean. Our daughter never got any bed sores or skin problems because the nurses were so diligent with her cares. Even if we had just changed the bed and we had to do it again Denise never complained. She was always just concerned with keeping my daughter cared for. Something as simple as washing my daughter’s hair was a big undertaking but Denise never made it feel that way. Those simple things made it seem like we were doing something while we were waiting for our baby girl to wake up. Denise was there when our daughter spoke to us for the first time and she celebrated with us- she also came and saw our daughter after she left the PICU.

Submitted by a patient’s family member

My Little girl came in having extremely low calcium and seizures. She had a tonic clonic seizure. Denise took the best care of her. She then comforted me as I broke down. She made sure things were right with her such as… Labs- they wanted to take too much blood, she questioned it and called doctors to make sure they didn’t take too much blood from her tiny body. She took my daughter on many walks and treated her with love! Even though she wasn’t her nurse the last day, she still came in checked on her and colored and took her on a walk. Denise did an Outstanding Job taking care of my baby. She wasn’t the only one who was awesome though!

Submitted by a patient’s family member

April Walker, RN House Supervisor | May 2018

April Walker, RN House Supervisor

I cannot begin to describe how positively April impacted this tragic event in our life. It was one of the hardest things we have ever been thru. April took a personal involvement in the death of our loved one. From checking in on us at her every chance, to holding my four month old son so I could give my final good-byes. She is a calming force in an often chaotic situation. Making sure we were ok meant the world to us. After driving 10 hours and not sleeping for over 24 hours it felt good to know she was there to talk to, rely on and confide in. She is an AMAZING person and I feel so blessed to have met her. I want to say thank you and give you a big hug. I know her job isn't easy but anyone who has ever been in our situation is so fortunate to have her touch their lives either directly or indirectly. You are a gift from the heavens April, thank you.

Nominated by: Family members

Mary Tanner, LPN | March 2018

Mary Tanner

We have had Mary be our nurse and help take care of each one of our kids. After all 5 of them it has always been an amazing experience. She is the one nurse that I can feel 100% confident with. She understands me and my baby’s needs perfectly. She loves her job and truly cares for the patients as individuals. Mary, thank you for helping us with our family, it meant the world to me to have you with each one of our kids.

Submitted by a patient

Mary was considerate of my questions and explained everything and anything in an easy way to understand.  She treated me as a friend and not just a patient.  She went above and beyond to make me feel valued and I really appreciate it.  She stayed on her shift longer than she had to just to help me check out because she said she would.  I am sure she had much better things to go home and do but she stayed longer to help me.  She would gladly oblige to my requests when others weren’t as willing.

Submitted by a patient

Mary took a lot of time to get to know me personally. She was always on top of medications and anything else I needed. She was outstanding in helping take care of my baby- made sure I felt safe and confident in my own ability to care of my baby. She offered help in all areas, pain, breastfeeding, personal care and care of the baby. I was sad when she went off shift. I knew I could ask her ANYTHING at any time and she would do all she could to help. I loved her.

Submitted by a patient

Great Nurse! Very respectful bed side manners. Mary made sure to help me with moving about until my legs were all the way un-numb. Once I was mobile she was very good about letting me handle things with my baby while still being there for support. On top of requests and times she needed to check in.

Submitted by a patient

Mary has been amazing helping us adjust to life with a newborn. She is amazing at what she does and you can tell that she works hard to do her best at everything.

Submitted by a patient

BreAnna Craig, RN | January 2018

BreAnna Craig, RN

I have been sick for 14 months straight now. I have been in hospitals from Idaho to Utah to Wyoming. Needless to say, I have had my share of nurses. I have to say that of all the nurses who have treated me, none have matched the care that I have received from BreAnna.

Above and beyond is cutting her short, because she’s done more than that. From going to bat for me with the doctors, to chasing my coffee. Without hesitation, she has done everything I could ask and plenty of things I didn’t have to. The lengths she went to in attempts to help me find comfort. BreAnna made me feel like she really cares about me. I believe whole-heartedly her general concern is not only true and genuine but also a reflection of the wonderful person she is. I personally witnessed her hustle up and down the hallway to get to her next patient, yet when she gets into the room, she stops, focuses and takes time to listen. I have never had a nurse or doctor so thorough in their care for me. I would like to say thank you. While in extreme bone pain, Breanna with her efforts has provided a level of comfort to my struggles I haven’t been able to find. I am really at a loss for words, and I hope this letter makes its way to the right people that can give her the credit she deserves.

Remember 14 months, five hospitals, 20 plus of them stays, multiple doctors, hundreds of nurses and none of them have left an impression like she has. EIRMC has a gifted nurse with Breanna. I hope you guys appreciate her like me, and I am sure other patients. She is simply amazing!!! Thank You Breanna. Thank you for the great care it was definitely above and beyond my expectations.

Nominated by Joshua Walker