Lisal Drollinger, RN | November 2016

Lisal Drollinger, RN

""Lisal is very calm and attentive. She helped me focus on breathing during contractions. While getting the epidural, Lisal coached me in holding my body correctly and helped me to stay still and let me hold onto her."

"During labor she continued to check on my pain levels and when they were higher than I wanted, Lisal quickly got the anesthesiologist to help."

"She is a calming influence in the act of labor."

Nominated by Labor and Delivery patient

"My wife was 29 weeks pregnant and was cleared to fly to Virginia to visit family. She had a visit (routine two-week check up) with Dr. Huggins the day we were to fly. My wife’s flying status was revoked and we were told a c-section within 72 hours was fairly inevitable."

"I had still planned on flying, but after she had been admitted for monitoring, it was Lisal (after a shift change) who was there. She was the one who alerted us to the elevated situation and stayed with us virtually through the night, answering all our questions during our emotionally-charged turn of events."

"All of our nurses in the Women’s Center have been the absolute best, moving me to look into volunteering at EIRMC just to be a part of your caring and compassionate, yet action-oriented crew."

"Thanks a million for making our stay great!"

Nominated by a spouse of Labor and Delivery patient

Emily Bowcutt, RN | July 2016

Emily Bowcutt, RN

"Nurses are ordinary people who do extraordinary things. Emily is no exception. After a particularly uncomfortable few nights in the hospital, my patient and I were talking about how her friend hadn’t shown up to cut the patient’s hair. Countless time I have seen Emily cut patients’ hair (during her busy work night and on her personal time). After finishing in my patient’s room, I immediately texted Emily, knowing she would lend a hand. Sure thing! Just as promised, Emily was up to the floor bright and early on her day off. She worked her magic and left the floor without saying much. When I returned to my patient’s room, her face was glowing with the brightest smile, something I had not seen her do since she first arrived. The patient felt so good, she put her make-up on, even while dressed in a hospital gown. The patient expressed such gratitude towards what Emily had done."

"Thank you so much for taking time from your personal life to give to someone else."

Nominated by Jessica Stanfield, RN

"Emily came in on her day off to give a patient undergoing chemotherapy a haircut. The patient had been feeling uncomfortable with her long hair and really needed a change. Emily is always willing to help patients and do something extra for them. So, Emily gave this patient a very cute, shorter haircut. When the patient was then ready to shave her head weeks later, Emily helped the patient again."

"And on the patient’s wedding anniversary, Emily and a few other nurses made her a delicious pasta dinner so the patient could enjoy a romantic date with her husband while hospitalized for cancer treatment. Emily is an amazing nurse, never batting an eyelash at a request from a patient that will make their stay easier."

Nominated by Natalie Erickson, RN

"Emily is always willing to go the extra mile to help our patients and staff. When a chemo patient started losing her hair, Emily came in on her day off to cut her hair shorter. When the patient later decided she was ready to shave it all off, Emily volunteered to bring in hair clippers and help shave her head. When a long-term patient had been here for more than a month, and it was discovered that she would have to still be here for her anniversary, Emily spearheaded a surprise celebration with a few others nurses and the patient’s spouse. She again came in on her day off to decorate and prepare a special meal for the patient and patient’s spouse."

"Emily is always willing to lend a hand; to give a med if I’m running behind; to help me turn, boost, get patients to the bathroom and help clean them up. Even though she has her own responsibilities, she is always willing to help others. She also always is ready with a smile and uplifting words."

Nominated by Memorie Urbina, RN

Amber Cannell, RN | May 2016

Amber Cannell, RN

" Though all the nurses involved with my wife's recent stay were excellent, Amber's attention and professionalism were well beyond any we have experienced! It seemed she couldn't do enough to make our stay as pleasant and successful as possible. She treated us as if were family and in a short time we would have welcomed her into ours!

After pulling a 25 shift, she was there the next morning as fresh and thoughtful and concerned for our welfare as the day before! As the visitor/care giver for my wife, Amber made every effort to make me as welcome and comfortable as possible! I fell very privileged to have a local hospital with staff as outstanding as Amber and will certainly let friends and relatives know of the excellent medical and personal services that are available at EIRMC!”

Nominated by patient’s spouse – Dennis Wagner

MaKayla Linford Paulson, RN | March 2016

MaKayla Linford Paulson, RN

"MaKayla was our Father’s (Larry) nurse for 2 night and 3 consecutive days following his quadruple bypass. It’s extremely difficult to identify a specific situation because MaKayla was consistently outgoing, compassionate, kind and professional!

"Our father was particularly challenging because he is mostly deaf and he is stubborn, particularly in these circumstances, as he has never been hospitalized. Throughout her time as our father’s nurse, MaKayla always had a smile on her face, an empathetic demeanor and she always took the time to communicate with our father despite his disability. She did all of this while still maintaining and providing professional care for our father.

”Additionally, she took care of us (family), always checking with us to see if she could get us anything or answer questions, etc. All of our father’s nurses provided outstanding professional care and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend EIRMC for cardiac care to friends and family.

" That said, MaKayla’s nursing care went above and beyond the call of duty and for that we are nominating her for the DAISY Award. Thank you for your consideration.”

Nominated by patient’s family - Aaron Otteman and the Otteman Family

Mary Duncan, RN-MSN | January 2016

Mary Duncan, RN-MSN

“I am 25 years old and came in at 7am for a loop implant monitor because I've had some heart trouble lately.

“My nurse was Mary. She was real friendly, cheerful and caring right off the bat. She made me feel like a star. She joked with me, gave me heated blankets, and talked to me. I could tell she was a true professional. She was attentive and competent.

“Mary had no trouble putting in an IV, something I usually dread because I have uncooperative veins.

“The surgery was delayed from 2:30am to 22:30am because the doctor, Dr. Lasseter, was up operating all night. Mary told my wife and I that she was sorry and brought my wife juice and some ice chips for me. It made the time pass quicker.

“I've noticed the EIRMC nurses are all quite good, but I think Mary is exceptional and deserves the DAISY award because she is compassionate and loves her patients.”

Nominated by patient Lloyd J. Willden