Emergency care for children and adults

Free, 24/7 Consult–A–Nurse (208) 497-6167

At Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, we are prepared to handle the most urgent medical emergencies in our region. As a Level II Trauma Center verified by the American College of Surgeons, a Level I ICU, a Joint Commission-verified Primary Stroke Center, the state’s only Burn Center, and the region’s only Pediatric Intensive Care, we treat the most critically injured and ill patients. Our first-rate emergency medical teams work together seamlessly to ensure unmatched critical care expertise, technology and capacity.

Additionally, our team of physicians and nurses are trained in delivering the highest quality Emergency Care 24/7 to all patients who need our help. We employ a triage system for classifying emergency patients, ensuring prompt treatment in a way that ensures our most injured or ill are seen first.

Additionally, we are a kid-friendly ER! In fact, 20% of our ER patients are kiddos (that’s 14,000 kids last year!)   Our ER is staffed by emergency medicine doctors and nurses trained in pediatric and trauma care, and pediatric advanced life support.  Most Emergency Room RN’s at EIRMC have passed rigorous trainings, such as the Trauma Nurse Core Course and the Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course. This gives them tools to provide excellent care for patients from birth to adolescence.

For added peace of mind, EIRMC’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is available for children who need critical care, and our Level III Newborn Intensive Care Unit, the highest level in the region, provides specialized care for the sickest and most fragile newborns.

Child Life Specialists are also available to help children understand their diagnosis and treatment, and help them cope with fears of hospitalization.