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How to obtain our help

Community services & admissions

The BHC accepts referrals any time, 24 hours a day, for people who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis or who for other reasons may require hospitalization. Our Assessment and Referral worker on duty will assist any physician, mental-health provider, professional, family, or individual who needs help.

Admissions to BHC are based on medical necessity and may require a specific mental-health assessment and/or medical screening. Our Assessment and Referral worker will assist in making the appropriate arrangements, including referrals directly from physicians.

About our program

EIRMC's Adolescent Acute Care Program provides intensive inpatient treatment for teenagers who are experiencing psychiatric emergencies or who need comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Designed for patients ages 13-17, the program’s therapeutic environment is comfortable, safe, and friendly.

The program is designed to meet the acute-care psychiatric needs of adolescents who may be: dangerous to themselves or others; unable to provide for their own health or safety; behaviorally or emotionally dysfunctional to a degree requiring the structural boundaries of hospitalization; or in need of diagnostic treatment services that can only be obtained in an inpatient setting.

Evaluation for admission includes a medical history, a physical, psychiatric evaluation, psycho-social history, nursing assessment, educational assessment, recreation therapy assessment, case management screening, and psychiatric testing if necessary.

Treatment involves a variety of expert services, including individual, group, and family therapy; educational groups; case management services; recreation therapy; experiential therapy; medication management; educational services; and other services.

In the Adolescent Acute Care Program, we help arrange appropriate services for a successful transition after discharge. Patients and their families learn skills to help create a healthy, nurturing environment to increase the odds of enjoying a satisfying, productive life.