Aubree Yates | December 2022

Aubree Yates, December 2022 Sunshine Award Winner

My husband was flown to EIRMC from Jackson, Wyoming. I drove and did not get there until almost 8:30pm. He had the procedure and was moved to an ICU Burn Unit bed by the time I arrived. Unfortunately, I was not able to stay with him. Aubree was on duty at ER admissions, which was my good fortune.

My husband and I are summer volunteers in Jackson for USFS, so we went to St. John's for chest pain, but they wanted him to be airlifted to EIRMC. We do not have family in the area, and because I have MS, stress exacerbated the day's events. I was worried, tired and uninformed for four hours while driving. I wanted to stay onsite because I had only seen my husband for ten minutes. Because of the rules, I could not stay in the waiting room on the second floor so I chose to say in the ER waiting room.

Aubree was so accommodating from the moment I arrived, including helping me get an internet connection when I decided to spend the night there. I watched many people come into the ER, and Aubree courteously and patiently helped each one with their unique circumstances. EIRMC is very fortunate to have her as an employee. She is a model of how to respectfully connect with every patient and family member experiencing their own anxieties.

I ask you to forward this to Aubree's supervisor and recognize her for the respect, courtesy and patience that absolutely needs to be understood in her position. In my 73 years of life, I find it essential to recognize the efforts of those who make a difference, and Aubree certainly does. Please do all you can to appreciate this outstanding EIRMC employee.

Alvaro Pineda | September 2022

Alvaro Pineda, September 2022 Sunshine Award Winner

Nominated by a colleague:
Alvaro stepped right up to help a patient receive extra cares. This patient had an appointment for a haircut and shave and then was admitted. Knowing the need, Alvaro came to help this patient, ensured the care was done professionally and was an incredible help to the patient who could not help himself. Alvaro, thanks for being a team player, for stepping up to help a patient, and for going above the usual. You make a difference!

Burke Webster | May 2022

I have seen Burke go above and beyond with our patients. His integrity and quality of care has helped our entire floor.

Recently I saw him recognize the stress of a family member that was caught in the middle of a code. He pulled them out, talked them through what was happening, got them a chair and some tissues, he sat next to that family member until they were calm and able to speak with the physician after the code. 

He is always positive and can be found with a smile on his face. He respects all the staff and routinely goes out of his way to say high or thank you to all members, from physicians to housekeeping. He not only holds staff accountable but holds other facilities accountable.

I remember one day we were having trouble getting ahold of the taxi driver and one of the staff members was waiting downstairs with a patient. Burke went through the process to call the company to get the drivers name and number and was able to contact him and get the transportation there that allowed the patient to go and the staff member to return to the floor. I have seen him send belongings back to patients in the mail and even go out of his way to ensure that patients could get home.  

He bleeds EIRMC and is a true team player. Everybody on our floor, all the nursing staff and physicians rely on Burke for his expertise and feel that he deserves some recognition.

Daron Henderson | January 2022

Daron Henderson is a clinician at EIRMC's Behavioral Health Center who works with teen patients. One of them nominated Daron for this award. Her nomination says:

I stayed at Teton Peaks for about four months. And I would like to say my oh my. I loved every second of it. I know you do not hear that very often, but honestly I did. And now that I am back home I actually have a relationship that is healthy with my family and friends. Yes, it has been difficult to get back home but I am so glad I was there when I was. I want to thank all of the workers who provided the time and work just to keep us all safe and help us. Daron was my therapist and honestly sometimes I wish he lived by me so I could go bug him and tell him all my problems all over again and again. I might annoy him but that is okay. Throughout my life I haven’t been able to find a therapist and/ or counselor that I really enjoy and trust. But then there was Daron. Yes, he was a goofball but I could trust him and feel comfortable to talk to him about what’s going on with my brain. He truly helped me a lot. So thank you Daron for doing your job and making a difference in my life.