Scott Stermer | May 2021

Scott Stermer is a Nuclear Medicine Technologist and Radiation Safety Coordinator. Scott recently showcased his commitment to patient care and to keeping staff safe. It was after hours, and patient who had received a radio- isotope treatment at another facility needed to be admitted to EIRMC. Basically, this patient was radioactive because of his particular type of treatment received earlier in the day.

First, Scott worked with the physician Radiation Safety Officer to develop a plan to protect others from radioactive exposure. He used a Geiger Counter to calculate safe distance from the patient, and taped off the room so that visitors and staff didn’t expose themselves to radiation. Scott worked closely with nursing staff so they were educated on how to keep themselves safe. For example, Scott created a playbook with detailed notes on how to safely provide cares, including distances they needed to maintain.

His ability to quickly respond to the situation and his “safety-first mind-set” paved the way for the best outcome… not only for the patient, but for all those that cared for the patient during his stay.

Scott comes in every day with a smile and willingly takes on additional duties in other areas. Scott is an exemplary employee, he lives by EIRMC’s mission and values. He is an invaluable member of the EIRMC team.