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Ear, nose and throat specialists provide comprehensive care for conditions of the head and neck. Commonly referred to as ENTs or otolaryngologists, these physicians use advanced technology to treat various conditions, including hearing loss, ear infections, sinusitis, allergies, sore throats, acid reflux, thyroid disorders, sleep issues, even certain types of cancer.

Our effective, innovative surgical and nonsurgical treatments have led to our distinction as having some of the top recommended otolaryngologists and allergists in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

For more information about our ENT services, please call our 24/7 Consult-A-Nurse® line at (208) 497-6167.

What is an otolaryngologist?

Otolaryngologists are ENT doctors who specialize in the treatment and diagnosis of conditions that impact the sinuses, ear canals, esophagus and tonsils, in addition to conditions that cause balance disorders.

Otolaryngologists are both physicians and surgeons. They can also provide treatment for head and neck cancers and reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeries after facial or neck injuries.

ENT services we offer

With a full staff of surgeons and support specialists, the ear, nose and throat clinic at EIRMC is the regional leader in otolaryngology. Our team of allergy doctors provides round-the-clock care for patients suffering from most types of conditions affecting the head and neck, specifically the ear, nose and throat. Our comprehensive services help with the following conditions:


Coblation is a tonsillectomy technique using radiofrequency energy and a saline bath to remove the tonsils with almost no damage to surrounding tissues. Positive results from a coblation procedure can potentially bring about a more rapid, comfortable recovery than with traditional methods.

Deviated septum procedures

EIRMC offers a variety of procedures to help correct breathing and snoring problems caused by a deviated septum. These available procedures include septoplasty - the straightening and repositioning of the nasal septum in the center of the nose — and rhinoplasty — modifying bones and cartilage in your nose to change its shape, size or both.

Inner ear surgery

Our otolaryngology surgical team is equipped to perform multiple forms of inner surgery. Our available surgical techniques include fixing ruptured eardrums and inserting ear tubes to reduce middle ear infections. Additionally, we can restore hearing with ossicular chain reconstructive surgery, an innovative yet proven prosthesis technique to repair the small sequence of bones in the inner ear.

Stealth endoscopy

Stealth endoscopic surgery is an image-guided minimally invasive technique that surgically treats sinus ailments such as chronic infections, diseases, malformations and allergies. Our otolaryngology surgeons can ensure maximum accuracy and optimal recovery for our patients by using stealth technology and smaller incisions.


The EIRMC otolaryngology team performs common surgical services like tonsillectomies, the surgical removal of infected or inflamed tonsils, otherwise known as having tonsillitis. Other than chronic tonsillitis, tonsillectomies are typically performed for sleep-oriented breathing issues.