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The Behavioral Health Center (BHC) at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (EIRMC) is a 74-bed psychiatric hospital providing mental health services while offering patients the greatest privacy, comfort and individual care. As part of EIRMC, we have access to the most current and comprehensive medical services available in the region.

Accredited by Medicare and The Joint Commission in Behavioral Health Care and Human Services, our goal of treatment at the BHC is to help each person achieve their maximum level of wellness, happiness and personal potential.

To learn more about our inpatient services, call (208) 227-2100. For outpatient services, please call (208) 227-2555.

Our behavioral health services

At BHC, patients are provided with personal and compassionate mental health services by a team of specialists, including psychiatrists, psychologists, trained psychiatric technicians, nurses, counselors, case managers and recreation therapists. With training in trauma-informed care, our behavioral health specialists help patients and their families overcome their problems.

Typically, the treatment structure involves group therapy, individual counseling, educational groups, recreation therapy activities and support services. Throughout evaluation and treatment, we focus on how the patient will succeed after leaving us. We aim to help each person successfully re-enter their everyday life in a timely manner and with appropriate follow-up care.

BHC provides many programs to ensure people receive individual care in settings that are appropriate for their needs, including:

Behavioral Health

Adolescent mental health

In our Adolescent Acute Care Program, we provide intensive inpatient treatment for teenagers experiencing psychiatric emergencies or needing comprehensive evaluation and treatment. Designed for patients between 12 and 17 years old, our therapeutic environment is comfortable, safe and friendly.

Adult behavioral health

For patients 18 years old and older, we offer adult behavioral health services. We provide individualized treatment plans, including medication management, therapy, psychological testing, and other services deemed necessary by the treatment team.

Intensive outpatient behavioral health

Our team of specialists offers outpatient mental health services for patients who have various struggles, including depression, anxiety and trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder. Along with the psychiatric evaluation, we offer mental health consultation and assessment and referral.

BHC admissions and community services

We accept referrals any time, 24 hours a day, for people experiencing a psychiatric crisis or requiring hospitalization. Our assessment and referral worker on duty will assist any physician, mental health provider, professional, family or individual who needs help.

Admissions to BHC are based on medical necessity and may require a specific assessment or medical screening. Our team members assist in making the appropriate arrangements, including referrals directly from physicians.

Medical records

EIRMC values your privacy rights and takes many precautions to safeguard your health information. We want the right people to get the information necessary for your care and make your access to information as convenient as possible.

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