Did you know that back and joint pains are the number one reason Americans visit their doctors? Due to untold spine and orthopedic conditions, millions suffer unnecessarily – including a growing number of Idahoans. In too many cases, this pain inhibits normally active people who end up sitting on the sidelines.

Working together to achieve great comebacks is what drives our EIRMC orthopedics team. In addition to state-of-the-art technology and procedures, we offer the latest less-invasive, fast-healing surgical procedures, such as laser and computer-assisted laparoscopic surgery.

If you are among those coping with debilitating pain, Dr. Brigham Redd and Dr. Benjamin Garner of East Falls Orthopaedics offer advanced orthopaedic surgical treatment.

Specialized Staff

The team includes skilled and experienced physicians who specialize in orthopedics, neurosurgery and spinal surgery. They work with physical therapists to provide high-quality surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

Specialists precisely identify damage to joints, spinal discs and soft tissue with advanced diagnostic tools, including X-ray, MRI and CT scanning technology. If spinal or orthopedic surgery is necessary, these tools also enable accurate and minimally invasive procedures.

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