At EIRMC, we know reliability is important when it comes to the advanced technological needs of our physicians and medical staff. That is why we have fast, reliable wall-to-wall physician networking.

If an IT problem arises or you would like more information on the following technologies to help you assist your patients, please call our Help Desk at (208) 535-4357. We are available Monday through Friday, 7:00am - 6:00pm and have support personnel on call after hours for help and support.

IT Overview

There are many IT resources available to our physicians. Below is a list of some of the technologies available.

hCare/Affiliated Hub

An integration “hub” that links physician EMR systems with HCA facility systems. When your practice is linked to an HCA facility through the hCare Hub, you can receive results directly into your EMR system, providing real-time access to patient clinical data.

hCare Mobility

A software application used on a approved smart phone devices that allow you access to patient clinical information anytime, anywhere. Mobile Clinical Results displays current information from MEDITECH, giving you a complete view into your patient’s clinical record, regardless of where you are”in the facility, at your office, or home. Mobility is available on both Windows-based phones and the iPhone.

hCare Portal

The hCare Base Portal allows you access to view Meditech patient information and clinical data through user-friendly intuitive interface.

hCare Remote Access

You can securely access patient demographics and results online using the hCare Remote Access. To take advantage of this service, contact (208) 529-7566.

MD Tech Help

Your online IT resource for access to forms, training materials, troubleshooting guides and other tools. Available from any Internet Connection.


This is the home for patient care inquiry reports, which are the text summary of tests performed on patients. These can be retrieved while at the facility, remotely or at the office. This allows for quick access to reports, electronic-signature and quick turnaround times.

Physician Wireless Network

An in-house solution providing wireless Internet Connectivity to physicians.

Single Sign-On/Tap ’n Go

This solution provides easier access to many of the applications you use in patient care by eliminating the need for you to remember and enter multiple passwords. With Tap’n Go, you can log into SSO with a badge.


This evidence-based, peer-reviewed resource finds the latest up-to-date information on illnesses.

Clinical Pharmacology

You can find the latest medication information online at the hospital via this tool. Drug interactions, product comparisons, generic equivalents, contraindication and indication, and more are available.