Our hospital's current visitor information

Welcome to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center (EIRMC). You or your loved one will be receiving care from a hospital designated as among the very best in the nation.

Current visitor policy

Recovery is always our first concern. There may be times, even within normal visiting hours, when we must restrict the length of visits or suspend them altogether for our patient's safety and comfort.

Exceptions to our visitor policy can be made under certain circumstances, such as end-of-life.

  • Visitor hours are 6:00am - 8:00pm. 
  • Do not visit if you have respiratory, COVID, or flu symptoms (cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, body aches).
  • Wash your hands regularly or use hand sanitizer.

Connecting with your loved one

We know that visitor restrictions may be tough for many patients and their families. We encourage you to stay connected via technology.

Every patient room has a landline telephone. You can call directly by dialing (208) 529-7xxx (the three digit room number) or by dialing our switchboard at (208) 529-6211 and asking to be connected to the patient room. If a patient is listed as confidential in our system, our switchboard will not transfer a caller.

Patients with a smartphone are also encouraged to use their choice of video calling apps to communicate with a loved one.

Services on the hospital campus

Our hospital provides a number of services to make your visit more comfortable and convenient. If you have questions about hospital services, please call our main hospital line at (208) 529-6111.

Business center and internet access

EIRMC has two business centers for your convenience. Our main business center is located in the first-floor main hallway near the elevator bays. This center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm to all patients and visitors. It is equipped with a computer, internet access, a fax machine and a printer. You can even video chat with out-of-town friends and family.

Women's services patients and visitors can use the business center in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) lobby. It has a computer, internet access and a printer.

EIRMC has free wireless internet (Wi-Fi) everywhere on campus. To access our Wi-Fi, click on the Internet icon on your laptop and select our guest network signal. Next, click "accept” to agree to our internet usage policy, and your computer will connect.

City Bagels

Located in the cafeteria, City Bagels is open from 10:30am to midnight.

Clergy and chapel

Our nondenominational chaplain is on call 24/7. Specific denominational representatives are available by calling volunteer services at (208) 529-6201 or (208) 529-6111 after regular business hours.


Our hospital partners with area hotels to offer discounted rates to patients' loved ones. Please reach out to the hotels below and ask for their medical rates.

Best Western Plus Cotton Tree Inn

900 Lindsay Boulevard (10-minute drive to EIRMC)
Reservations: (208) 523-6000
Medical rate, pet friendly, complimentary shuttle service

Hampton Inn

2500 Channing Way (two blocks north of EIRMC)
Reservations: (800) 426-7866
Local number (208) 529-9800
Shuttle service

Holiday Inn Express

2270 Channing Way (two blocks north of EIRMC)
Reservations: (800) 465-4329
Local number: (208) 542-9800
Shuttle service

La Quinta Inn and Suites Idaho Falls

2501 South 25th East (Hitt Rd)
Reservations: (800) 600-6001
Local Number: (208) 552-2500
Ask for the hospital rate
Book Now

Sleep Inn and Suites

3200 Outlet Blvd
Reservations: (208) 821-3647
Shuttle service
Book Now


Pagers are available from our communications department, which can be reached at (208) 227-2501.

Recreational vehicle (RV) services

EIRMC provides RV utility hookups in the rear parking lot (no water hook-up or dumping facilities). Call (208) 529-6111 with questions or concerns.

Sunnyside Acres Park also offers RV spaces with water and sewer hookups on a daily and weekly basis. They are located at
905 W. Sunnyside Road, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. For reservations, call (208) 523-8403.

COVID-19 vaccination near you

Please visit vaccines.gov or call 1-800-232-0233 to learn when and where you can get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Facts and the latest updates about COVID-19 vaccination

See the Center for Disease Control's (CDC) resource page for extensive information and the latest recommendations regarding COVID-19 vaccination.

Why get vaccinated?

Immunization helps save millions of lives every year. Whereas most medicines treat or cure diseases, vaccines can help prevent them by working with your body's natural defenses to build protection. When you receive a vaccine, your immune system responds.

Vaccines prevent more than 20 life-threatening diseases, and help people of all ages live longer, healthier lives. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that globally, immunization currently prevents between 2 and 3 million deaths every year from diseases like diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, influenza and measles.

COVID-19 vaccines work with your immune system so your body will be ready to fight the virus if you are exposed. Other steps, like covering your mouth and nose with a mask and staying at least six feet away from others, may help reduce your chance of being exposed to the virus or spreading it to others. Together, COVID-19 vaccination and following CDC's recommendations to protect yourself and others will offer the best protection from COVID-19.

Circumstances may allow for specific exceptions to any visitation restrictions described on this webpage. Those circumstances include religious visitation as well as a designated support person for a patient with a disability to provide assistance with communication or other necessary components of the patient's treatment. All persons entering under an exception remain subject to appropriate infection control protocols.