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My Birth Plan

My Birth Plan

At EIRMC, we want you to feel comfortable, safe, and heard. That's why we encourage you to complete and print this birth plan and discuss in advance with your physician. We will do our very best to honor your wishes, while maintaining our obligation to keep you and your baby safe and healthy.

General Information

Birth Philosophy

Health Notes

During Labor

Pain Management

2nd Stage of Labor


Cesarean Section Delivery

Immediately After Delivery


Additional Notes

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You may also print out your birth plan to have on hand during your pregnancy.

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Next Steps

Once you complete your birth plan, we recommend the following next steps:

  1. Call (208) 227-2400 to schedule a tour.
  2. Sign up for a childbirth preparation class.
  3. Print and discuss the birth plan with your doctor
  4. Bring a printed copy of the birth plan with you when you come to deliver at the hospital

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