The WHALE Program is an identification program to help emergency responders identify children in the event of a vehicle accident where the adult driver is seriously injured and unable to talk or respond. The WHALE Program, standing for “We Have A Little Emergency,” is now recognized in 34 states by emergency personnel.

Young children don’t always know their names, address, phone numbers or relative’s contact information. Please consider adding the WHALE kit to your child’s safety seat so that, in an emergency, first responders will know who your child is and how to contact someone in your family.

Contents of the WHALE Kit:

  • WHALE Information Card and Holder – Information to be filled out includes child’s name, date of birth, medical history and emergency contacts. In addition, a photo of the child can be attached. Once filled out, the card and card holder should be fastened to the back of the child’s car seat–ensuring it cannot be viewed from outside the car.
  • Two WHALE Safety Seat Stickers – These are to be placed on both sides of the car seat to let emergency personnel know to look for child’s information.
  • Two WHALE Vehicle Window Stickers – These logo’ed stickers are to be placed on the lower rear corner of the vehicle’s side widows. These also inform emergency responders that occupants in the car participate in the WHALE program.

At EIRMC, we know your little ones mean the world to you, and you can’t wait to show them the world! But, we also know that automobile accidents can happen. We want to make sure that you have all your bases covered, should something happen during your child’s travels.

For more information, or to request a WHALE Kit from EIRMC, contact us at The WHALE program is a part of the Idaho Transportation Department Office of Highway Safety.