Patients in the Rehabilitation Unit at EIRMC receive the benefits of the most comprehensive therapy program in the region. Our licensed, registered, and certified physical therapists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists work with rehab patients one-on-one so they can gain life skills that can be used at home.

Our experienced team customizes an individualized treatment plan for each patient, based on their needs, strengths and weaknesses; the patient’s particular goals, circumstances and lifestyle; and the physician’s orders.

We work to address certain needs specific to the patient. For some patients, Speech Therapists can address a broad range of needs that might be experienced by a stroke survivor, like weakened side, trouble swallowing, or difficulty with thinking skills.

For others, this may mean working with Physical Therapists to relearn how to walk again after traumatic injury or complicated knee replacement.

And still other patients need to “relearn” how to perform tasks of daily living, such as eating, bathing, and cooking. Our Occupational Therapists are expert at getting rehab patients back to participating in the activities of everyday life.

For many rehab patients, their day involves a combination of all three therapies. Our Therapists work with the unique needs of the Rehab patients so they can gain success with their individual plan of care.