Speech-Language Pathologists provide:

  • Cognition (attention, memory, problem solving, executive functions)
  • Speech (production of the speech sounds)
  • Language (how speech sounds are tied together into cohesive units to
    express meaning, and how a speaker’s language is received and decoded)
  • Swallowing or other upper aero digestive functions

EIRMC is one of the few hospitals in the nation where speech pathologists regularly assess and treat patients throughout the hospital: intensive care, acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and outpatient rehabilitation. This allows us to monitor the patient from unit to unit, see their progress, understand how they’ve changed, and prepare families to help the patient.

EIRMC is the only facility in eastern Idaho with tertiary care training in comprehensive management of the voice and breathing disorders related to the larynx (voice box). We offer specialized training in management of fluency disorders (such as stuttering) for adults. This training was received at one of only three intensive stuttering clinics in the nation.

EIRMC is also one of the only facilities in Idaho Falls and surrounding communities to perform the fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) test. This allows for direct assessment of the motor and sensory aspects of the swallow, in order to guide the dietary and behavioral management of patients with swallowing problems.

We offer the modified barium swallow (MBS) exam and bedside assessment, and a certified VitalStim swallow treatment provider.

Specially trained Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologists work with newborns, children and teens.