At EIRMC, we think success is measurable. A focused effort on improving the lives of each individual patient leads to a statistical pattern of excellence.

Nowhere does this outlook hold more true than in our Rehabilitation unit. Here's a current by-the-numbers look at our level of achievement in specific goals we have set for ourselves:

Maximize Customer Satisfaction

This one pretty much speaks for itself. We've set a goal for ourselves to perform well enough so that a 90% of the feedback we receive about our department is positive. It's not easy, but we're succeeding. Currently 98.6% % of the comments we hear back are positive, a statistic we find both gratifying and motivating.

Minimize Medical Complications

This standard of measure refers to a rehabilitation program's ability to keep their patients from backsliding into a need for acute care. In this area, our success rate is also high. The national standard for this statistic is to keep complication below 10%. At EIRMC, we've been able to cut that rate nearly in half. Ours is 6.8%.