Are all rehabilitation facilities created equal?

Unfortunately, no. Many skilled nursing facilities (nursing homes) include the word rehabilitation in their titles because they offer therapy services. Inpatient rehabilitation, like that offered at EIRMC Rehabilitation Center, is very different for many reasons:

  • All of our patients are followed by a board-certified physician that specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • We provide 24-hour registered nursing coverage.
  • Our care is delivered in a team approach and the minimum amount of therapy provided per day is 3 hours.

What is an individualized rehabilitation plan?

Our Rehabilitation Team recognizes the importance of individualized care. Medical professionals develop treatment plans to meet the unique needs of each patient. The individualized rehabilitation plan addresses many areas including activities of daily living, social skills and vocational and educational goals. The Rehabilitation Team updates the individual plan of care weekly and as needed to ensure that goals and strategies address the individual’s needs.

Close communication and coordination between our staff, the patient, their family, a primary care physician, and the reimbursement agencies is an essential part of our program. We also work with the patient and family to coordinate additional resources for discharge.

How does rehabilitation make a difference in our patient’s lives?

With over 15 years of experience, the EIRMC Rehabilitation Center provides one-on-one rehabilitation focusing on activities of daily living, hygiene, meal planning/preparation, home care, financial management, public transportation and vocational goals. We assist the patient in returning to maximum independence in the least restrictive environment. Throughout the continuum of rehabilitation treatment, our team works with patients to help them achieve their goals.

Is EIRMC’s program viewed favorably by the medical and rehabilitation professional community outside the program?

EIRMC measures patient, employee, and physician satisfaction on a regular basis with consistently high outcomes. In the past year, 94% of our patient satisfaction feedback rated their stay at EIRMC Rehabilitation Center as “Very Satisfied” or “Satisfied.”

Our clinical outcomes are also measured on a quarterly basis against a nationally recognized database. According to EIRMC’s average outcome information, EIRMC’s patients are:

  • More likely to make greater improvements in their daily living skills
  • In a shorter time
  • Have a greater chance of returning to the community to live after their discharge from the hospital

How do I find out what my insurance will cover, and what I might have to pay for?

Prior to admission, EIRMC staff will verify insurance benefits and will be able to identify what is covered throughout the rehabilitation stay, as well as what the insurance covers in post-acute (after discharge) services. We highly recommend that family members take an active role in clarifying non-covered services with the insurance company to assure there are no financial surprises.

For younger patients, what kind of interaction do you have with their school?

The Social Worker coordinates activities with the patient’s school (it is helpful to have school/teacher information from family). EIRMC will work with the school to arrange educational support services for the patient during their rehabilitation stay when appropriate.

If I decide I want my family member here, and the admissions team approves the admission, who coordinates the transition from where they are now to EIRMC?

EIRMC staff will contact the staff at their current location, and will coordinate all the necessary arrangements for the patient’s transition, including getting authorization from insurance (when necessary), accessing medical records and physician orders, and helping to arrange transportation. The patient or the patient’s responsible party must be available at admission to complete the admission paperwork. If not immediately available, our admission staff is happy to utilize fax capabilities prior to admission, to complete all necessary admission documentation.

Can I tour the facility, observe therapy services, and talk to the staff or other patients?

We encourage patients/family members to take a tour and observe patient/staff interactions prior to making a decision. Out of respect for their privacy, please let a staff member know if you would like to speak with a current patient/family about their experiences at EIRMC. The staff would be happy to ask permission for you to do so. Please contact the intake coordinator for a tour at (208) 529-7378.

Are there overnight facilities available for family from out of town?

We do not have facilities at EIRMC for overnight stays. We do, however, have a list of local hotels that offer discount rates.

We also offer RV services with electrical hook-ups for extended-stay families.

What happens to our patient’s after rehabilitation?

The partnership that exists between the patient, family, staff and community provides the patient with the opportunity to reach their highest level of independence and productivity. We help facilitate additional services, if needed, following a rehabilitation stay. EIRMC provides additional therapy services through Outpatient Services. The patient has the option of choosing other forms of continued services as well. Following discharge from rehabilitation, our staff is available as a source of information for the patient and their family.