Your physician has scheduled a date and time for your surgery. Sometimes, due to various factors, such as an unexpected emergency surgery, your scheduled procedure time may change. If a foreseeable change is needed, we will contact you the day prior to your original appointment.

Insurance Pre-certification

Insurance companies usually require that non-emergency operations be approved in advance. EIRMC will attempt to pre-certify you for your surgery. For your protection, however, you should double-check with your surgeon’s office or your insurance carrier(s) to make sure approval has been granted.

For help in pre-certification, call the Admissions Department at (208) 529-6105.

If you do not have health insurance or other financial assistance, please call or visit our Patient Access Department. Financial counselors are available at the following phone numbers: (208) 529-6117, -6108, -6118, and -6098. They are located on the 1st floor just off the Front Lobby.


It is helpful if you can complete registration information at least 7 – 10 days before your surgery. This ensures that all approvals are confirmed and information is complete and accurate. You can easily and conveniently pre-register online once your surgery date is scheduled.