Pain center in Idaho Falls, Idaho

The specialists in our pain management clinic at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center use the latest methods to help patients prevent and manage their pain. Whether you experience chronic pain, like nerve pain, or pain after a surgery, our doctors and nurses in Idaho Falls, Idaho can help restore your quality of life.

If chronic pain is keeping you from doing the things you love, let us help. Call our pain clinic at (208) 529-6111 to learn how we can assist with pain management.

Chronic pain management

Our pain specialists understand how chronic pain limits your daily activities. We want to help you manage your pain efficiently so you can enjoy the things you love the most. From arthritis pain to chronic back pain, we’re able to serve patients quickly and efficiently in our Idaho Falls pain center.

We offer a comprehensive range of interventional procedures, diagnostic injections, advanced imaging equipment and assistance with medication adjustment.

Post-surgery pain management

It is common to experience some pain after a surgery. To help you prepare for any pain, ask your doctor or nurse what to expect and how long the pain may last. Being prepared for post-surgery pain helps you control your pain. Controlling your pain provides multiple benefits, like:

  • Greater comfort during recovery
  • Leave the hospital sooner
  • Ability to start walking or doing breathing exercises sooner so you can regain your strength faster
  • Avoid health issues, like blood clots or pneumonia

It is important to request pain relief before pain becomes a problem. Tell your medical team if your pain is not resolved or if you have concerns about taking pain medication. Drug and non-drug treatments may be helpful in managing pain.