At EIRMC, we are proud to be one of only a few hospitals in the nation to offer some of the most advanced minimally invasive procedures for liver cancer patients. Dr. Stephen Preece, Interventional Radiology, is the only physician in the region offering this service, which can potentially add more than a year to the life expectancy of patients with liver cancer.

How the procedure works

A catheter is inserted into an artery in the groin, and maneuvered up and into the liver, near the cancer tumor. Up to 80 million microscopic beads are then released, each one about the size of four red blood cells, and all of them radioactive.

The next step is to let nature take its course. Tumor cells tend to be hungrier than other cells, and will reliably "consume" 15 times more beads than any other tissue.

That heavy dose of radiation attacks the cancer, and suppresses it, at least for a while.