At EIRMC, we’re proud our advanced capabilities, both in the technology and the talent we possess. Nowhere do these two mesh more tightly than in neurological interventional procedures we perform. At EIRMC, our specially-trained staff and Interventional Radiologists use state-of-the-art imaging equipment to diagnose and treat diseases of the brain.

We treat strokes, tumors and narrowed vessels with minimally-invasive neuro-interventional procedures that pass small catheters into the arteries and veins of the Brain. For our patients, this means faster recovery times and an increase in their quality of life.

EIRMC’s new device, the Covidien Solitaire FR Revascularization, combines the ability to restore circulation and remove blood clots in stroke patients using a single device. The Solitaire safely treats roughly 60 percent of all stroke patients, and is a great asset to our Interventional Radiology services. Such treatment is intended to minimize brain damage due to lack of oxygen by reducing circulation and retrieving the clot quickly.

The MERCI device uses a small balloon to stop blood flow while a tiny corkscrew dislodges the clot. Another device, the Penumbra, uses a tiny chisel and vacuum to break up the clot and remove it from the body. Both mechanisms are much quicker than the more conventional approach of clot-busting medication alone, and both can also be effective hours after it’s too late to intervene with just chemicals.

These tools and others, along with the skill to use them effectively, allow us to treat brain clots in a manner that’s unprecedented and unmatched in the region, improving our patients' odds of a positive outcome.

EIRMC is the only facility in the region that offers these services. If you have an Interventional Radiology procedure scheduled, learn more about your specific procedure or pre-register online.