With five surgeons and a full support staff specializing in otolaryngology, EIRMC is the regional leader in this important, but often overlooked specialty.

The number of physicians we work with means we have a specialist on call around the clock, a necessity considering the regional propensity for active, purposeful lifestyles. From a baseball to the nose at the little league diamond, to an exploding garage door spring to the face, we have experience handling facial traumas of every cause you can imagine.

Our expertise also extends to surgical services that are more common, but no less valuable. Even on a procedure as routine as a tonsillectomy, we use the latest technology available to make sure our patients get the best treatment available. Coblation is a method that uses radiofrequency energy and a saline bath to remove tonsils with almost no damage to surrounding tissues. The result is a more rapid, comfortable recovery than has ever been possible before.

Our quest for more positive patient outcomes has also led us to use "stealth" endoscopic surgery, an image-guided technique that means minimal invasion and maximum accuracy in the surgical treatment of sinus ailments such as chronic infections, diseases, malformations, and allergies. We're also able to use a variety of procedures to help correct breathing problems caused by a deviated septum, and even alleviate snoring problems by opening up restricted airways for an easier night's sleep.

We're equally well equipped to care for your family's ears. We're adept at everything from fixing ruptured eardrums to inserting ear tubes to reduce middle ear infections in youngsters. Our unique expertise also extends to restoring hearing with ossicular chain reconstructive surgery, an innovative, yet proven technique of using artificial prosthesis to repair the tiny sequence of bones in the inner ear. If your child is scheduled for ENT surgery, read about how to ease their anxiety.

At EIRMC, we've got your family's ears, noses and throats covered.