If you need to talk or request a referral, call us at (800) 483-4762.

How to Obtain Our Help

Community Services & Admissions

The BHC accepts referrals any time, 24 hours a day, for people who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis or who for other reasons may require hospitalization. Our Assessment and Referral worker on duty will assist any physician, mental-health provider, professional, family, or individual who needs help.

Admissions to BHC are based on medical necessity and may require a specific mental-health assessment and/or medical screening. Our Assessment and Referral worker will assist in making the appropriate arrangements, including referrals directly from physicians.

About Our Program

At the Daybreak Adult Program, we make it our priority to offer personalized care to each of our patients.

A cognitive-based, intensive treatment program for people 18 and older, this program is designed for patients including: those with psychiatric illnesses best treated in a short hospital stay; people with combined mental health and chemical-dependency issues; and people who are alert, mentally intact, and able to benefit from a cognitive and psychoeducational approach to care.

Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches people to recognize negative thoughts or mind-sets and replace them with positive thoughts, which leads to more appropriate and beneficial behavior. Our staff is trained in Trauma Informed Care.

Psychoeducation involves educating people about their illness, how to treat it, and how to recognize signs of relapse so that they can get the necessary treatment before their illness worsens or occurs again.

Daybreak provides a pleasant atmosphere and many of the comforts of home, including an eight-bed wing with semiprivate rooms, a lounge, sub-lounges, a group room, exercise equipment, and a cafeteria, dining, and snack area. Patients are able to mingle in the dining room, gymnasium, group rooms, craft rooms, and other recreational facilities.

If you or someone you know may benefit from treatment or have questions, please contact our compassionate staff today.

(800) 483-4762

All of our patients at Daybreak are provided with an individual treatment plan based on a comprehensive evaluation. Treatment includes daily sessions with a psychiatrist, daily individual therapy, family counseling, relationship counseling, group counseling, activity therapy, medication management, medical care, and psychosocial education.

Patients emerge with new thinking patterns and a robust set of coping skills to help them meet life's challenges when they leave our facilities.