If you've been diagnosed with cancer, you likely have plenty of questions and concerns about your health and how to get the care you need.
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Courtney Kelsch
Cancer Nurse Navigator

Our Cancer Nurse Navigator, Courtney Kelsch, will help navigate you through the cancer journey from discovery to recovery. Cancer nurse navigator support - as part of your healthcare team- provides a better experience and improved outcomes. Her role is to:


Courtney can talk with you about the “ins and outs” of the diagnosis and your recommended treatment plan, which may include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or a combination. She answers questions, explains medications and side effects, and helps family members understand the best way to support you.


Coordinate care and communication between providers: Courtney bridges communication between the entire care team. She acts as a translator between you and the medical world, during an often overwhelming physical and emotional time.


Courtney schedules and supports your appointments with oncologists, surgeons, and other care team members. She meets with you prior to surgery to answer questions. Her role as advocate ensures that your unique wishes are conveyed to all care team members.