Medical transportation services based in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Air Idaho Rescue (A.I.R.) is Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center’s emergency medical transport service. We offer air medical transport, including long-distance medical transportation.

To learn more about our medical transportation services, please call (208) 529-6111.

Because of Eastern Idaho Regional’s premier trauma services, A.I.R. responds to critical illnesses and injuries within a 500-mile radius of our hospital in Idaho Falls, Idaho. This area encompasses some of the most rugged, remote and sparsely populated terrain in the U.S., including Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks.

This isolated and unspoiled wilderness attracts thousands of locals and visitors every year, but it poses special challenges when someone is seriously ill or injured. Air Idaho Rescue provides the most effective backcountry rescue service available anywhere. In a landscape with few roads and no towns, getting help to you, when and where you need it, is our specialty.

For area residents, we have a number of programs to make our service more quick and cost effective.

Our helicopter

The Bell 407

The Bell 407 integrates reliability, speed, performance and maneuverability. Its Rolls Royce turbine engine delivers exceptional performance with the ability to cruise at 140 knots (259 kilometers per hour). All crew members utilize night vision goggles during times of low light flying. Night vision goggles enhance visibility, so we can better detect hazards and obstructions and have greater situational awareness.

Our medical transport airplane

The Pilatus PC-12 /45 Turboprop

Helicopters have their limitations, adverse weather being one of them. When the elements prevent our chopper from taking to the air, we rely on the well-proven, Swiss-built, Pilatus PC-12/45. With dependable, all-weather flying capabilities, a 300 mile-per-hour cruising speed and the ability to operate from high altitude airports, the PC-12 is well-suited for the mission of Air Idaho Rescue.

Our medical transportation team

Nationally recognized excellence

The Air Idaho Rescue crew has been recognized by industry peers as one of the best in the nation. With a wide range of experts, including specialty trained emergency, intensive care, NICU and labor and delivery nurses, paramedics, physicians, pilots, mechanics and communications specialists, the talented men and women of Air Idaho Rescue are dedicated to saving lives through rapid medical transport.

Air Idaho Rescue is constantly engaged in innovation, advanced training and the adoption of leading-edge practices: such as:

  • Development of a fully coordinated air transport system, meaning “single source” care from pick-up to arrival at the hospital’s doors
  • An industry-leading safety record
  • Adoption of new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety recommendations before they were required for the nation at large
  • FAA certification for the use of night vision goggles, allowing Air Idaho Rescue's helicopter crew to fly night missions more safely
  • Development of an innovative rural registry program that results in faster, more effective rescues from remote areas

Air Idaho Rescue’s history

1 July 1, 1990 Began operations as an air medical service; Helicopter: Bell 206L-3 Longranger Operated by Mountain Rotors; Airplane: Mitsubishi II J Operated by Rocky
2 July 6, 1990 First patient transport via helicopter; Lake Hospital to EIRMC; cardiac patient
3 August 13, 1990 First transport via airplane; Lake Hospital to EIRMC; abdominal aneurysm
4 February 21, 1993 Delivered first baby
5 April 1998 Agusta A109-K2 helicopter acquired: Tail Number N911RX Operated by Airlink, Inc.; first to operate in North America
6 February 1995 Featured on cover of premier issue of Air Med magazine
7 April 1998 New Agusta A109-K2 helicopter acquired: Tail Number N129AL; Operated by Airlink, Inc
8 February 2003 Critical Care Ground services started in conjunction with IFFD
9 June 2003 Yellowstone National Park contractual agreement for transport services with Medcore
10 October 2004 NVG program implemented
11 April 2005 Agusta A109-K2 leased for an additional 7 years
12 May 2005 Membership program implemented
13 October 2005 Added neonatal and maternal transport capabilities
14 June 1, 2008 Transitioned to a Community Based Service owned and operated by Omniflight, Inc
15 February 2009 Added dedicated airplane base at Idaho Falls Airport
16 August 1, 2011 Transitioned to Air Methods, Inc
17 January 17, 2012 Bell 407 placed in service
18 March 28, 2013 Dispatch services consolidated to Omaha, NE