For information, call (208) 227-2100.

How to obtain our help

Community services & admissions

The BHC accepts referrals any time, 24 hours a day, for people who are experiencing a psychiatric crisis or who for other reasons may require hospitalization. Our Assessment and Referral worker on duty will assist any physician, mental-health provider, professional, family, or individual who needs help.

Admissions to BHC are based on medical necessity and may require a specific mental-health assessment and/or medical screening. Our Assessment and Referral worker will assist in making the appropriate arrangements, including referrals directly from physicians.

About our program

The Adult behavioral health services provides intensive and comprehensive psychiatric treatment for individuals 18 years and older who are experiencing a mental health crisis. Adult behavioral health services is staffed with psychiatrists, nurses, counselors, case managers, psychiatric technicians and other competent mental health workers. The facility consists of a 37-bed unit with semi-private rooms, a lounge, group room, outdoor courtyard, and snack pantry. Patients also enjoy access to other common areas such as the cafeteria, gym, and other recreation areas.

Patients in the adult behavioral health services are provided with an individualized treatment plan based on a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation. Treatment consists of medication management, individual therapy, family/couples therapy, group psychotherapy, occupational therapy, recreation therapy, psychological testing, case management, psychoeducational groups, and other services as deemed necessary by the treatment team.