Criteria for Admission

  • Functional need: an adolescent or adult that needs at least two therapies (ADLs, mobility, cognition, etc.) and has the ability to participate and improve in an intense, comprehensive multi-disciplinary program.
  • Medical need: there needs to be a reasonable expectation that the medical management requires close physician involvement and close nursing oversight.
  • Hospital stay: not required; can be admitted from home or MD office.
  • Therapy intensity: at least 3 hours a day for 5 days, or 15 hours in 7 days (Medicare patients have up to 3 days to meet this criteria).
  • Age limit: 12 years of age and older.

Referral and Admission Procedures:

  • A referral can be made by calling the Intake Coordinator at (208) 529-7677.
  • Our Intake Coordinator will screen all individuals referred to the program, regardless of referral source, for possible acceptance and placement within the program.
  • After the initial screen, Physiatrists will review the patient information and medical records to determine if the individual is appropriate for our program.
  • Physicians, hospital personnel, reimbursement agencies, individuals or their families, and governmental and/or private agencies serving persons with disabilities may make referrals to our Rehabilitation Unit.