OmniAdvantage Membership Program

No one “plans” to be ill or injured, but when the unexpected happens, you can be prepared. For as little as $49 per year, you, your spouse and your eligible dependents will have no out of pocket expenses for medically necessary transports. When you join OmniAdvantage, we will accept your health insurance payment as payment in full, whether it is from the scene of an emergency or an inter-facility transport. Most health insurance providers will pay for at least a portion of the charges, but the individual is still often faced with paying for the remainder, which can amount to thousands of dollars.

With OmniAdvantage, the once-yearly membership payment assures that the individual – and other covered family members enrolled in the program – will not have to pay anything over and above the amount paid by their health insurance provider. OmniAdvantage members can take advantage of their program membership anywhere that Air Methods Community-Based Services Division subsidiaries operate. Recently added is an option for uninsured individuals. For full details, visit or call (855) 877-2518.

Group Memberships

Air Idaho Rescue also offers group memberships. An Air Idaho Rescue representative will be happy to answer any questions you may have about an affordable membership for your business or group.

For more information please call (855) 877-2518.

Registry Program

The Air Idaho Rescue Registry Program is free of charge to qualified organizations, individuals and locations inside the program’s service area.

Farm and Ranch Registry

Idaho’s farms and ranches are usually miles from the nearest emergency medical care. Yet farm and ranch hands working around heavy machinery, livestock and dangerous conditions are vulnerable to devastating injuries. Statistically, agriculture is one of the most dangerous vocations. Rapid medical response can mean the difference between life and death.

The Air Idaho Rescue Rural Registry was developed to address this concern, helping us find you faster. Participating farms, ranches and isolated rural residents fill out registration cards that detail GPS locations, safe landing zones and medical information about residents and workers, such as allergies, medications, and special needs and conditions. This information is kept confidential, but could be vital if Air Idaho Rescue responds to an injury or illness. It could even save a life.

Backcountry Registry

The Air Idaho Rescue crew teaches preparation and marking of backcountry landing zones and coordinates closely with backcountry professionals and enthusiasts as well as the U.S. Forest Service and related agencies. When Air Idaho Rescue cannot be reached by cell phone, using radios to provide either GPS coordinates or nearest-recognizable-landmark information is usually enough to get Air Idaho Rescue on the scene.

Air Idaho Rescue maintains a Backcountry Registry that allows qualified guides, outfitters and recreational groups to pre-file locations and itineraries with Air Idaho Rescue. If a rescue is required, Air Idaho Rescue can then find the scene without wasting precious time looking for a needle in a haystack.

To Dispatch Flights

Step Two (A): If you are at the scene:

  1. The person or agency requesting the flight.
  2. Provide a call back number
  3. Specific location of scene and secured landing zone. GPS coordinates or landmarks are very helpful.
  4. Number of patients and their approximate weights.
  5. Severity of injuries.
  6. Radio frequencies used by ground personnel.
  7. Call name of scene officer.
  8. On-site weather information, including estimates of wind speed, direction, forward visibility, and cloud ceiling.

Step Two (B): If you are at the hospital/clinic:

  1. The person and facility requesting the flight
  2. Provide a call back number
  3. The name of the receiving facility
  4. Patient age and weight
  5. Any special equipment needed