Access Center for Eastern Idaho Regional

Arrange quick and easy access to EIRMC specialists, services, and beds for transfers originating with physicians, medical care facilities and EMS transport personnel ” by calling one number (800) 483-4762.

Access Center Services

  • Transports
  • Direct admissions
  • ED-to-ED transfers
  • IP-to-IP transfers
  • Physician-to-physician consults
  • Primary care to accepting specialist transfers
    (including admissions to hospitalists)
  • Nursing home-to-EIRMC transfers
  • Out-of-state transfers

Perfect for Direct Admissions, Facility-to-Facility Transfers, and better for Accepting Specialists.

RNs answer the phone, and working in tandem with the dispatcher, match patient needs with correct Specialist and optimal hospital services.

With a hospital-wide view and ability to re-deploy resources, RNs will ensure seamless onboarding for patients and families. Bed and staff will be ready and waiting. Less phone-time and fewer steps for you - We’ll handle everything!

Call the Access number to reach RNs who will help you arrange the care and resources you need for your patients.

Information Needed From You

Information Needed includes provider or facility name, call back number, patient name, date of birth, diagnosis, and level of care needed

If you are already in the house ” you can dial 6155. A faster way to dial; Call goes to same place!