Here at EIRMC, we care very much about respecting and maintaining your privacy. Privacy has many meanings in the healthcare world: it refers to your bodily privacy, the confidentiality of your medical information and records, and even the discreet discussions about your care among our staff and with your family members.

To maintain your privacy, we will:

  • Cover your body or close your curtain or room door when others may see you, such as when using the restroom or during transport to another area of the hospital.
  • Ask if we have your permission to discuss medical information when your guests are present. You always have the right to say no, and our nurses are skilled at politely requesting that visitors leave for a short period during the conversation.
  • Permit only members of your care team to view your medical chart, unless you specifically permit us to share it with others.
  • Not talk about or discuss your treatment or diagnosis in public areas where others may overhear.
  • Provide a copy of your medical records when you request them.
  • Honor your request to “opt out” of the facility directory, which means that your stay here at EIRMC is not acknowledged when people call the switchboard to be transferred to your room. “Opting out” blocks all calls from being routed to your room, which may include people that you wish to communicate with.
  • Take all precautions to safeguard your health information. Read more about our responsibilities and your rights regarding health information privacy.