If Your Loved One is Having Surgery

For many patients, it is important to have the comfort and support of family members and friends.

Guidelines for Visitors

There is a Surgery Waiting Room on the 2nd floor, if you have a loved one having surgery.

Checking on a Loved One’s Condition

We recommend that family designate one primary contact or spokesperson to communicate with physicians and nurses about how a patient is doing. The spokesperson can then relate information and updates to others in their group, freeing our caregivers to focus on patient care.

Due to federal privacy laws, we can provide patient information only to authorized people. For this reason, we issue a “patient pass code,” to certain family and friends. If you are seeking information on a patient, please provide this pass code to staff.


Our chapel is located on the second floor, adjacent to the Intensive Care Unit. Visitors of all faiths are welcome to visit for prayer and meditation.


Our cafeteria is open every day, 6:30am - 2:00pm. The cafeteria also includes a bagel and sandwich shop, open each day from 10:00am - midnight.

Gift Shop

Our Gift Shop offers flowers, jewelry, magazines, stamps, and many other items. It is located adjacent to the Front Lobby. For information, call 529-6205.

Hearing Impaired

A telecommunications device is available to help hearing-impaired patients or patients who want to communicate with a hearing-impaired relative or friend. Please contact the hospital operator by dialing 0 for further information.

Information Desk

Volunteers staff our Information Desk, located in the Front Lobby. The desk is staffed 8:00 am to 6:00pm, Monday - Friday, and 11:00am to 3:00pm on Saturday and Sunday. During other hours, dial 00 on a hospital phone for information.

Internet (Wi-Fi) Service

WiFi at EIRMC allows patients and family to connect to the Internet (wall to wall wireless), so that they can send e-mails or surf the Net. It’s free and gives lightning-quick connection speeds. All you need is a mobile device, such as a laptop PC.


We have access to interpreters for a number of foreign languages. Please contact a nurse for these services.

Lost and Found

For information on items lost and found, please call Volunteer Services at 529-6201.

Pastoral Care

EIRMC believes in caring for each person’s spiritual needs to help him/her heal as quickly and completely as possible. Patients and their families have access to pastoral care either through their own spiritual advisors, or through the hospital’s non-denominational Pastoral Care Services. Non-denominational services are held on Sundays. For more information, call Volunteer Services at 529-6201.

RV Lot

For the convenience of extended-stay families, we have an RV lot with electrical hookups just south of the hospital. Please call hospital security at 535-4560 for this free service.


If you have safety concerns after dark, our security staff will be happy to accompany you to your vehicle. Call 535-4560.

Surgery Waiting Room

Our Surgery Waiting Room is equipped for the comfort and convenience of families and friends. It has three telephones, vending machines, reading materials, and puzzles. Also, Volunteers are available to provide assistance and information.