It’s Flu Season – Our Policy to Protect Patients and The Community

To protect patients and visitors from avoidable exposure to the influenza virus (both seasonal and H1N1), the following seasonal Visitors Policies are in place at EIRMC until the end of flu season (late spring):

  • No visitors under the age of 18 (unless you are also the parent of a hospital patient.)
  • Pregnant women are strongly discouraged from visiting, and are urged to wear a mask (available at entrances and in waiting rooms) if they need to be at the hospital.
  • People with any respiratory or flu-like symptoms (coughing, fever, runny nose, or sore throat) should avoid visiting.
  • Only two visitors per patient at a time are allowed to visit.
  • All visitors are required to practice cough etiquette (coughing into your sleeve) and hand hygiene while in the hospital.

We know that circumstances arise that make visiting a loved one essential. If your visit is mandatory, but you are experiencing flu like symptoms, please take the following precautions: wear a mask at all times, go directly to the patient’s room and leave the hospital when the visit is complete.

For our Women’s Center, we want to encourage family bonding, sibling attachment, and a healthy experience for mom and family. Healthy siblings and family are welcome to visit; siblings will be asked to mask and wash their hands before entering the room.