Although the flu virus is common this year, we are currently not experiencing a high number of inpatients with flu. We have instituted modified restrictions (noted below) to best protect our patients and limit the potential spread of infection.

  • No visitors under the age of 14 are allowed, please.
  • Only two visitors at a time in a patient’s room.
  • If you have respiratory or flu-like symptoms (coughing, fever, running nose, sore throat), please do not visit.
  • Practice cough etiquette (cough into your sleeve) and hand hygiene while in the hospital.

Also, if you are pregnant, we strongly discourage you from visiting for your own protection. If you choose to visit, please wear a mask to limit your potential exposure to infection.

Certainly, we are sensitive to situations where visiting a loved one is essential and want to accommodate our patient’s emotional needs. In these cases, please speak with your loved one’s nurse about the visitor policy.

Read our blog to learn more about symptoms, treatment and danger signs of the flu.