Our Nursing Philosophy

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At EIRMC, we believe nursing is a profession, not a job. It's a spirit of caring that attracts exceptional nurses who desire to help others. In return, we are eager to hire RN’s with strong interpersonal skills who blend high-tech nursing with high-touch care.

We are hiring for skilled RN’s across our hospital, including departments like our Pediatric Intensive Care, adult ICU, Cardiac Care, General Medical Units, Rehab, and OR.

Our nurses make a difference every day by providing exceptional and quality patient care in an atmosphere of compassion and communication.

Being an RN at EIRMC means that you commit to the patient above all else. We embrace the Relationship-Based Care model, which means healthcare is provided through relationships, and the activities of care are organized around the needs and priorities of patients and their families. In Relationship- Based Care, the center of all work is the patient and the family.

Since nursing is about caring relationships between patients, families, and our own colleagues:

  • Nurses and physician include patients and families in the plan of care.
  • Nurses work with other disciplines to provide the best possible patient care.
  • Nurses are supported by the organization in their professional growth.

If you are an RN that believes in Relationship-Based Care and I am EIRMC values, we are interested in learning more about you! You can read about what your nursing colleagues say about working at EIRMC, read about EIRMC benefits, or simply apply online right now.

Search & Apply For Jobs Online